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Merry Xmas

Oz Trampolines tips to setting up a trampoline for on Christmas Eve

You have set yourself the task of setting up a trampoline on Christmas eve – this can go one 2 ways. So lets look at what you need to ensure everyone in the house is happy on Christmas day.
Early December

  • Check that all your trampoline boxes have arrived and all parts are present. We do check that all the parts are in the box but please recheck as 1 missing spring or bolt can not be delivered until many days after Christmas if you find it is missing
  • Decide on the place it is to go, get the tape measure out and measure up the space to ensure it will fit. Remember trampolines are measured by their diameter so a 10ft trampoline includes the frame as well. If the ground isn’t level level it off so the trampoline can fit flush on the ground.

Dec 20-24
Watch the videos on our website to familiarize yourself with the installation. Click Here
Dec 24
The time has come for the covert operation to install a trampoline usually in the dark. 4 Important steps to remember

  1. Allow yourself plenty of time – a trampoline with net will take 1&1/2 to 2 hours. This will stop some frustration as well, it is not a 20 minute job it will take you 2 hours to complete
  2. Don’t drink to much before or during the installation or next morning the trampoline may not look so good through sober eyes
  3. Keep the bolts and screws in a container as finding them in the grass when dark is not easy
  4. Refer to the booklet or videos if you get stuck

From all the team at Oz Trampolines we wish you a safe, happy and bouncy festive season.

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