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Oz Trampolines Customer Reviews

There are occasions when we receive phone calls from customers who haven’t ever made a purchase online and are feeling a little wary of the process – or customers that would really like to be able to see the trampolines before they make the purchase.
We do have a fantastic display of our trampolines in our warehouse, but being a company that sells Australia wide (and internationally too!) it’s not always possible for people to visit us.

We are in the fortunate position to be able to refer these customers to a fantastic Australian website to help put the wary customers’ minds at ease, and provide reassurance for the customers that would like to see the trampolines, that our products REALLY are as good as they look on our website!  www.productreview.com.au is a website purely for consumers, to rate and review services and products, and the outlets that provide them – satisfied or not!
The website provides unbiased user opinions so Australians can make better informed shopping choices, and share their personal experiences.  With over 200 reviews from Oz Trampolines customers, it’s the best independent testimony we could hope for!

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