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Making your Trampoline Pads last

Although we make our Trampoline Parts to last in the Oz Climate, with some extra attention to care the Trampoline pads will last even longer.
The Trampoline Pads are made of a PVC and inside the padding is a mildew resistant pad.  We also ensure the pads are UV resistant to ensure that the sun doesn’t break down the pads like other brands can.

To ensure your pads last even longer here are a few tips;

  • After any heavy rain periods wipe any water that has pooled on the pads off
  • Water can sometimes gather in the pads, although they won’t break down the pads by removing the pads and draining the water out will prolong them
  • Once a month wipe down the trampoline pads with a damp cloth, pay particular attention to the seams and ensure all dirt has been wiped off the trampoline pads.

As you can see by spending just a few minutes each month will ensure your trampoline pads will last for many years.
If you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your trampoline please email us at sales@oztrampolines.com.au or call us on 1300 393 004

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