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Do We Make Tents and Roofs for Trampolines That Are Not Ours?

While we have made a variety of sizes of Circus and Princess Tents in the past we  have discovered that they are most suitable for our Oz Trampolines. We are currently phasing out our irregular sizes but still have a few 9ft and 13ft Circus and Princess Tents available.

From past production and experience we have learnt that our tents and roofs for trampolines are most compatible to fit Oz Trampolines only. As there are so many varieties of trampolines on the market, some with different height poles and enclosures this often hinders the tents and roofs from fitting properly.   Trying to use a tent or roof on a different brand of trampoline can be awkward and unsafe.  It may also cause permanent damage to the fibreglass poles, polyester taffeta material or even your trampoline.
The best way to find out if your trampoline will be suitable is to take a few photos of the trampoline and an enclosure pole and email them to us at sales@oztrampolines.com.au. Then we will be able to clarify whether or not it will be suitable.
Each size trampoline has a set number of possible support poles where the roof section would clamp to each enclosure pole. Your trampoline must have the same number of straight enclosure poles to provide the roof section with enough support to create a safe and robust dome structure.
While the tents and roofs are a fun and convenient accessory, we do recommend that they are removed if rain, strong winds or stormy weather is forecast.
Please feel welcome to visit our website oztrampolines.com.au to view our great range of trampolines, tents and roofs available.

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