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Introducing our Round Trampolines by Oz Trampolines

May 1st 2011 sees the launch of Oz Trampolines full trampoline kits and when we say full kits we mean it, with a range of extras at no extra cost included in each kit.  We have taken 12 months to research the trampolines to ensure that the trampolines we sell will have the same high quality parts we sell individually.
The only part we didn’t sell was the trampoline frame so this was the main area we focused on as we knew the rest of the parts will last in the Oz climate.

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Our frames are built from a double galvanised steel frame that is 1.5mm thick.  Each join is also screwed in to ensure no movement occurs.  Backed by a  5 year warranty we provide peace of mind to parents that your children can have hours of fun every day in a safe environment.
As we mentioned before when we sell a trampoline we include everything, our trampolines will come not only with the spring safety pads, enclosure net and ladder but we will also include the following at no extra charge

  • Pocket surround – keep your shoes off the ground and ensure no person or animal can get under the trampoline
  • Anchor Kit – with these in place no need to worry about wind gusts
  • Weather Cover – Bad weather coming or going on holidays – this cover will protect your mat and pads

Prices star for an 8ft trampoline at $295 plus delivery with 4 sizes to choose from, 8, 10, 12 or 14ft.
Over the next few weeks we will talk about each part of the trampoline and what you need to look for when buying a trampoline
We have also attached an information sheet on our trampolines that can be downloaded by clicking here

Trampoline Frame

A well built Trampoline Frame is essential

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