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Are Innovations in Trampolines going to far?

With today’s world moving so fast and design and innovation the buzz words, it seems that people want to go to extreme lengths to be seen as having the most innovative design of a product.
Trampolines are no different and today there are a variety of new trampolines on the market that attempt to replace the spring as a means to bounce. Springs were invented early in the 15th century and over time have done what they were designed to do and today are still used in thousands of applications.

The first modern day trampoline was built in 1936 using springs and a mat and since then most people in their childhood have bounced on a trampoline with springs on. In the past few years companies have gone about replacing the spring with fiberglass, elastic and now metal!, yes metal, all in the guise of safety. Our response at Oz Trampoline is why not look at the way you can protect the jumper with the parts around the springs as the customer wants the best bounce experience.


Elastic, fiberglass roads and even Metal rods are ways companies have repalced springs but at what cost?

At Oz Trampolines we are constantly striving to build a trampoline that will be safe for years by using the highest quality materials that will last in the Australian climate and backing this up with long warranties.
A trampoline can look shiny, new and safe on day one but what will it be like in 1 to 2 years time. By not taking any production or cost shortcuts and we can make a trampoline that uses the best bouncing material (springs) and still be protected with net and pads made from materials that are built to last.


Springs with high quality parts that protect the jumper for many years is Oz Trampolines moto

Reading reviews on a site like www.productreview.com.au new trampolines that have been designed there are reports of broken metal spikes, fiberglass rods cracking and leaving sharp pieces of plastic exposed to children. It seems in creating a trampoline with no springs other dangers have appeared. Sometimes sticking with tradition and improving on what has been tried and tested for almost 100 years is the sensible way to proceed.
Oz Trampolines, improves it’s trampolines every year and constantly looks at new materials and ways to have our trampoline and all its parts last longer. Providing a safe and happy place for your children to exercise, laugh and create life long memories all in your backyard.

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