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In-Ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines are a popular design, made with safety in mind. There are also the added benefits of being easy to assemble and aesthetically pleasing for any yard.

Most significantly, in-ground trampolines have no added height to fall from, therefore increasing the safety aspect for users. Oz Trampolines in-ground trampolines are also available with safety nets to prevent jumpers from extending themselves beyond the mat and on to the firmer ground.
The in-ground design prevents children and animals from accessing beneath the trampoline when it is in use, preventing instances of injury. Being in-ground also means you do not have to move the trampoline when it comes time to mow the lawns! Just be sure to avoid mowing the trampoline…
Aside from the increased safety benefits, in-ground trampolines are also great at enhancing the landscape and layout of the yard. Our in-grounds are available in a dark green colour scheme to fit in with most landscapes.  Lastly, our Oz Trampoline in-ground is very easy to assemble, requiring 2 people using our easy-to-follow instructions with photos. The frame is built with quality heavy duty steel, also designed to withstand mineral salts and water in the ground which would otherwise rust inferior products.

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