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Why is Strength Important in Trampolining?

Bouncing on a trampoline is not only fun, but it also has various benefits. Many studies suggest that trampolining is almost 70% more effective than other forms of cardio. Being both a low impact and high-intensity exercise, trampolining is great for weight loss. There are different trampoline exercises for young and old. You have many reasons to add trampolining in your fitness routine, but you should know that it can be very strenuous.

Trampolining is a vigorous aerobic workout that increases the heart rate and boosts the blood circulation throughout the body. Trampoline exercises can require moderate and high-intensity exertion. This makes it important to have enough strength to engage in high-intensity workouts safely.

Read on to find out more about why strength is important in trampolining!

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Importance of Strength in Trampolining

Following are the reasons why you need strength when rebounding on a round or rectangle trampoline:

You Need Strength to Bounce on the Trampoline Safely

Even though jumping on a trampoline looks like a fun activity, it actually needs a lot of strength. The gravitational force doubles after you pull yourself up into the air with force. The strenuous workout demands a lot of strength so that you can bounce on your trampoline with ease.

Trampolining Burns More Energy than Cardio Exercises

In a study, NASA found that 10 minutes of trampolining is as effective from a cardio perspective as 30 minutes of running. Trampolining burns a lot of calories. The exact number of calories that you burn depends on the intensity of the workout. Regardless of the intensity, you are exerting force with your legs and core. Bouncing on a bigger trampoline, like a 14ft trampoline, requires more force.

You Need Strength to Reposition Yourself on the Trampoline

Bouncing on a trampoline requires concentration and physical agility. You need a lot of coordination and strength to jump, twist, change direction, and land on your trampoline. After all, you will fall and risk hurting yourself if you don’t have the strength to bounce and land on your trampoline properly. The physical agility that you will need for bouncing on a trampoline makes strength an important factor.

How Does Trampolining Build Strength?

Trampolining works your muscles repeatedly, allowing you to build strength. That said, while you can build muscle strength with trampolining, it’s important for you to have a certain amount of body strength before you begin with the activity.
When jumping on a trampoline, your body adjusts itself to regain balance. This repositioning improves body posture and strengthens the muscles. Trampolining engages your core muscles throughout the workout in balancing and repositioning. Hence, you need strength to jump carefully on the trampoline and perform exercises.

Trampolining is a great moderate-to-high intensity workout. Exercising on a trampoline helps you stay fit and improves your cardiovascular health. Jumping on a large trampoline or a small rebounder burns a lot of calories. Therefore, you should have enough strength to carry out the workout without any risks. The intense workout increases your metabolic rate. So, start building strength before you jump on a trampoline for an intense workout.

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