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How To Measure Trampoline Springs – Trampoline Spring Measurement

How To Measure Trampoline Springs
Trampolines have different size springs, and some people get confused on the actual spring length.
To measure springs it is simply measuring from one end to the other. Some people make the mistake of measuring a trampoline spring by measuring only the coiled part of the spring. This will give you an incorrect measurement.

Trampoline spring length can vary between different size trampolines. This is normal but there are some weird trampolines out there with very a obscure spring length.
Trampolines springs can vary also in quality so make sure you purchase good quality springs such as the ones here http://www.oztrampolines.com.au/category/37/Trampoline-Springs
Trampoline springs measurements do not need to be confusing but if you are still unsure call Oz Trampolines on 1300 393 004.

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