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How To Measure A Trampoline

Many people often call us at Oz Trampolines to inquire about purchasing replacement parts for their trampoline.  The easiest way to work out the size of your trampoline is to measure the diameter of the frame. This is very easy to do.  All you need is a tape measure!  You start from the outside edge of the circular frame, across the centre of the mat to the other outside edge of the frame.  It’s always a good idea to do this at a few different points and then to write down your measurements.

If you need a new net you will also need to count the number of straight enclosure poles on your existing trampoline. If your poles are not straight or if you have an unusual number of poles you may also need to purchase the net and poles package.  If unsure, please feel welcome to call us or email us a photo of your trampoline so that we can recommend what is needed. 1300 393 004
Mats – To determine the appropriate mat required we recommend measuring your trampolines frame, counting the number of spring slots and also measuring one spring from the end of the hook to the end  of the hook. (at rest, not stretched or under tension).
how to measure a trampoline
Taking the time to do these quick measurements  will help you purchase the correct size replacement parts and will also avoid having to pay return shipping costs for ordering the wrong size.
Check out our video for more help on how to measure a trampoline.

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