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How To Enhance Your Trampoline Experience With The Sound Bounce

Who doesn’t love a good bounce on the trampoline? Whether it’s for exercise or for recreation, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy yourself. There’s just something so freeing about bouncing up and down. It just releases those feel-good endorphins. What better way to enjoy yourself than to combine an already fun activity with some fun beats?

Oz Trampolines has released the Sound Bounce speaker. It’s a portable speaker that has been uniquely designed with features specifically made for the trampoline. The speaker is waterproof, can sync to your phone and comes with a few mounting alternatives. There’s no reason to ever bounce without music again. In case you’re not convinced, here’s a list of ways that music can enhance your bouncing experience.

Make it a game

Add a variety of songs with different tempos to your music collection. When your kids are on the trampoline play the music on the shuffle setting and have everyone bounce to the beat of the music. Not only is this great exercise, it’s also entertaining, teaches rhythm, and develops your ear for music. Having the Sound Bounce speaker makes the experience that much more fun because the music is crystal clear.

Mood booster

While bouncing on a trampoline is a mood booster in of itself, it never hurts to add music as added motivation. There’s just something about listening to your favourite song that’s an instant mood booster. So just remember this when you have a bad day. Your favourite song plus 5 minutes on the trampoline is all it takes to turn your day around. If your mood is really bad, add more songs and keep bouncing until you shake it off.


Most people who workout do it to music. Why? Because music has been proven to boost endurance, set the ideal pace, and get people in the right mindset to work up a sweat. It’s no different on the trampoline. Trampolines are fun, but they also provide a good workout for strengthening your legs, improving your core and burning 100 to 200 calories every 20 minutes.


One of the many benefits of music is that it’s therapeutic. Bouncing up and down might not seem like a calming activity, but it’s definitely therapeutic. A good bounce can be freeing and help melt stress away. With the right music selection it can leave you with a feeling of serenity. Just follow-up with a bath for good measure.

Dance off

Take turns choreographing dance routines to your favourite songs. This is a fun game for kids, teens and adults. Once finished, everyone gets a turn to show off their routine. The rest of the competitors have to vote on the best routine and no one is allowed to vote for themselves.

Brain booster

While music can be a great motivator for physical exercise, it is also an ideal way to give your mind a workout too. The combination of endorphins released from the low-impact exercise and the focusing qualities of music will for that test, important meeting, or anything requiring extra thinking.
An iPod or an MP3 is great for music but unfortunately, it’s not a good idea (easily breakable) to bring on the trampoline, not to mention that the sound would get lost. That’s why the Sound Bounce is the perfect solution. It’s the best way to turn your bounce into the ultimate experience. It comes with an adaptable tail, a suction cup and an elastic mounting clip. It’s battery operated, Bluetooth accessible, is waterproof and can carry an effective distance of 10m, without any obstacles. The Sound Bounce is now available to order. Your memories are waiting.

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