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How to choose the best trampoline for aspiring gymnasts?


Trampolining a very popular way of spending your free time, and an increasing number of people, such as gymnasts and acrobats, are engaging in this activity professionally. If they have a special set of skills and abilities, finding the right trampoline is all the more difficult.

Choose the right shape for your gymnastic trampoline

Because performing various acrobatic elements is part of being a gymnast, you can be sure they won’t be doing just basic jumps on their trampolines. A classic, good-quality trampoline is perfect for such users, but if they want to improve their skills outside the gymnasium, here are a few important things to consider if you want to choose the best gymnastics trampoline.

Explorer trampoline

A quick look at any Trampoline park will tell you that most trampolines are rectangular. If you’re choosing a gymnastics trampoline, you should go with a rectangular one, too. This is important for two reasons:

  • With round trampolines, repulsive forces draw the jumper towards the middle, but in rectangular trampolines, these forces are the same in all directions. This enables gymnasts to achieve a stable bounce and controlled landing.
  • Because rectangular trampolines provide great bounce, they make the best possible gymnastics trampolines. With a higher level of bounce, gymnasts have more options for executing certain tricks in the air without having to have strong legs with explosive power.

What is the perfect size for your gymnastic trampoline?

When choosing the size of your gymnastics trampoline, everything depends on the size of the jumper and the kind of acrobatic elements they want to perform. For illustration, the size of an Olympic trampoline is 520 x 305 cm (17 x 10 ft), but it’s safe to say you won’t be needing such a large trampoline for home use, especially if you lack the necessary space.

For acrobatic elements, a trampoline measuring 11 x 8 ft or 14 x 10 ft is more than enough. The choice also depends on the gymnast’s age, as young gymnasts won’t require the largest trampolines. Best trampoline for Gymnasts.

Remember to consider the safety features.

Even if a trampoline is used by experienced gymnasts, safety is still paramount. Given that gymnasts perform more daring and potentially more dangerous acrobatic tricks than less skilled users, it’s all the more important for their trampolines to feature a safety net.

When the jumpers are younger, it’s very likely that they will try out new tricks on trampolines. In such cases, a safety net creates a protective wall of sorts that prevents gymnasts from falling off the trampoline.

Safety pads are also vital. When performing more demanding tricks, it’s more likely that sometimes landings won’t be ideal. That’s why it’s important for springs to be covered with protective pads, which can prevent many unnecessary injuries.

Performer trampoline

For best bounce. Choose high performance springs and jumping mat.

High quality springs and the jumping mat give the trampoline the most bounce. It should be noted that the forces created when doing high jumps are extreme.

That’s why the springs must ensure long-term elasticity, quiet functioning, and optimum bounce with minimum impact on the body. The jumping mat must be high quality, so as to enable a great many jumps, and jumping safety.

Choose a gymnastic trampoline with a high-quality frame

Regardless of whether you’re buying an in-ground or freestanding model, it’s important for the frame to be of first-rate quality and resistant to all external factors (rain, wind, and UV rays).

The forces generated when performing individual acrobatic elements are tremendous, and you don’t want your trampoline to become wobbly after just a few months of use. So be sure to pick a trampoline with a reinforced double frame, which will provide you with optimal stability and long service life.

Trampoline springs

Gymnastics trampolines are used by action sports athletes.

Trampolines often serve as a springboard for mastering the basic techniques and controlling one’s body. To this end, many other athletes also like to exercise this way, not just gymnasts. For many action sports athletes, practicing on a trampoline is the safest way they can learn certain new acrobatic elements in the air.

We hope that our advice will help you pick the best possible model for your purposes.

Gymnastic trampoline
Gymnastic trampoline

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