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Great Ideas for your Trampoline: Camping

Spring is officially here and what better way to celebrate then to get outside on your trampoline! Trampolines are perfect for jumping and learning new tricks. But did you know trampolines are also great for camping? The following post shows just how easy it is to enjoy camping on your trampoline in your own backyard.

We all know that committing to more than one night camping can be difficult, particularly with kids. Not only is there the issue of weather but sometimes it’s hard just to find the time. Camping in the backyard is a great alternative, and an easy and quick way to enjoy this is by using your trampoline.
Grab your blankets, sleeping bags and pillows and settle in for a night under the stars on your trampoline. The bigger the trampoline, the more people can join you – the perfect idea for a slumber party or noisy sleepover.
Trampoline camping can be made even better with some of Oz Trampolines accessories. For extra protection and just incase the weather turns bad, we recommend using one of our Trampoline Roofs, a great product for extra shade. If you don’t have a roof, don’t worry! You can simply sleep on top of the trampoline if it’s a clear, still night, giving you a great view of the stars.
Another fun idea is to use our Sound Bounce Bluetooth speaker, this speaker syncs straight to your phone and is great for dancing or simply relaxing to your favourite songs. Alternatively our Games Pack includes elastics, balls and chalk for some quite trampoline games.
A trampoline sleepover is a great activity for the whole family, or for your kids and their friends. It doesn’t matter what type of trampoline you have either, it can be fun no matter what shape or size. So choose a night when it won’t rain, rug up and sleep under the stars!
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