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Free Returns and Easy Claim Warranties Another First From Oz Trampolines


Why should customers be penalized for issues out of their control?
Oz Trampolines recently introduced an updated returns and warranty policy to ensure our customers receive the best service possible from the Oz Trampolines team.
We are amazed that other companies ask you to choose carefully as there are no refunds, or charge a large restocking fee. We understand there are no sizing standards in the trampoline industry, so you can order a trampoline part thinking it will fit only to find  that your poles are larger than normal, or your frame has more springs than most trampolines.

Our free returns policy is another first for the industry, ensuring you buy from us risk free. 95% of the time the mat will fit, but if it doesn’t we will organise delivery of the part back to our warehouse and refund your full purchase price including the transport fee. If you are not 100% sure if the mat will fit your trampoline you can now purchase the item and try it. When the part is returned to the warehouse your refund is processed into your account.


If a part fails under warranty we confirm the fault by asking you to email a photo of the issue. If we need to view the part we will pay for the part to be shipped to us. On the rare occasion a claim arises we send your new part once confirming the nature of the fault via a photo.
Our warranties cover:
•    manufacturing issues
•    weather
•    fair wear
•    tearing of the part
(That covers basically everything except the dog tearing the pads to bits).
In addition to the longest warranties, we also offer the easiest claim service to ensure our customers receive the highest quality trampoline products in the market and the best service.

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