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Easy Ways to Protect your Oz Trampoline

“As we head into winter, it is important to ensure you take care of your trampoline. Whilst your Oz Trampoline is designed to survive most Australian climates, there are still steps you can take to ensure your trampoline remains in excellent condition throughout the wind, rain and hail of winter.
Firstly, make sure to use the weather cover supplied with your trampoline. If you purchased your trampoline for summer you may have forgotten about the cover, so now is the time to start using it! (If you have lost or misplaced your weather cover, they can be found here: http://www.oztrampolines.com.au/category/58/Weather-Covers)

Lay the cover on top of the mat and pads of your trampoline to prevent continuous water contact in rain, particularly if your trampoline doesn’t have a roof. Each size and shape of Oz Trampolines have specified weather covers, so they tuck safely and securely into the net, effectively like a fitted sheet.
Secondly, make sure that your trampoline is secured to the ground, especially if you have a small trampoline. Oz Trampolines offer two types of anchor mechanisms, being our standard anchor kit and our sandbags. Either one of these options is sufficient, and can be found here: http://www.oztrampolines.com.au/category/89/Anchor-Kits.
If your trampoline has a roof, it is important to keep it wind resistant at all times. All this takes is a simple check of the straps on the inside of the tent roof each time you finish bouncing. It is also advisable that you keep one eye on the weather forecast. If strong winds or a storm are forecast, it is recommended that the tents and roofs of your trampoline are taken down.
Finally, frequently make sure your trampoline mat and pads are free of any leaves or debris following inclement weather. This can again be achieved by using your weather cover.
Put these measures in place, and your trampoline will have no issues surviving winter! Making sure the trampoline is hunkered down in a storm and protected is not a difficult task, but one you will be thankful for when your trampoline lasts for years.”

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