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Why We Don't Make 16ft Trampoline Roofs or Tents

The 16ft trampolines are our largest trampoline with a jumping mat of four and a half metres wide.  They are fantastic for large families and for prospective gymnasts, dare devils and acrobats.
However, as the 16ft trampoline has such a huge surface area, with only twelve possible supports where the roof would clamp to each enclosure pole,  it does not provide the roof section with enough support to create a safe and robust dome structure.

We also recommend that as the trampoline roofs and tents are not designed to be permanently installed they need to be removed if strong winds or stormy, rainy weather is forecast.  From past production and experience we have learnt  that  even  a mild gust of wind may cause the roof section of a 16ft trampoline to invert, similar to an umbrella.
This can be very frustrating and even awkward to rectify.  It may also cause permanent damage to the fibreglass poles or polyester taffeta material.
We have had a lot of success and positive feedback from our smaller sized roofs and tents.
They  are available from a 6ft size up to a 14ft size in both the Circus or Princess design and the Roofs are made in blue, pink or green to co-ordinate well with your matching Oz Trampoline.

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