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Do You Need Your Trampoline Round or Rectangle ?

So you have decided you want a trampoline. So now it is the question – Do I get a round trampoline, or do I get a rectangle trampoline?
Of course the first factor you need to take into account is the size yard you have. You need to ensure whatever size yard you have that there is enough space around the trampoline.

Round Trampoline

The bounce between round and rectangle trampolines is very similar.
So what is the next factor you need to take into account? How many kids you have and their age. As an example if you have 3 teenage boys a 8ft trampoline is going to be no use to you.
In this instance we would recommend say a 14ft round trampoline.
On a round trampoline you have 10ft in all directions. This is useful if you have younger children who are new to trampolines or just learning. As they learn to do their tumbles and flips they are going come unstuck now and again, so having that wider area in all directions can be handy.
When choosing the size of your trampoline always think bigger. What we mean by that is say you have 2 small children, and you think an 8ft trampoline will do them. Here are some things to consider:

  • They will get older and bigger
  • Is there enough room for you to enjoy it with them
  • There will be school friends come over
  • BBQ’s and birthdays, other children will be there

Not limited to these instances you can see that their may be times and in the near future that you may well need a bigger trampoline.
In our next story we will go over the discussions on Rectangle Trampolines

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