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Circus Trampoline Tents

Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up…
At Oz Trampolines we encourage imagination and play, and our Circus Tents are the perfect accessory to inspire your child.
Available in a bright fun design, with an adjustable opening and high dome rooftop, the possibilities for games and play are endless.

Circus themed game ideas to enjoy in your Circus Trampoline Tent:
– Clown Dressup: Encourage your child’s creativity by dressing up in some fun clown outfits. Get creative with brightly coloured wigs, fake noses, large sunglasses and painted faces.
– Balloon fun: Balloons are the perfect clown accessory; fill your trampoline with balloons, play balloon counting or popping games or even have a go at making fun balloon animals.
– Acrobatics and Tricks: Ensuring that your child is safely supervised, encourage them to do some low risk tricks. These can include low somersault, tucks and jumps.
– Bubbles: Bubbles are the ultimate circus trick. Encourage your child to blow small and large bubbles; a great fun idea for children of all ages.
– Circus Food: Have a fun circus themed picnic on your trampoline inside the tent, including yummy treats like popcorn, hot dogs and fairy floss.
– Drawing Fun: Using some chalk, encourage your child to draw their favourite circus character, or scene, easily removed with a hose and water afterwards.
– Most of all…enjoy!!

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