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Best Songs To Jump To

We thought it would be fun to count down some of the best songs to listen to while you jump on your Oz trampoline. After all, music makes everything more fun and here are some really good songs that go perfect with having fun on a trampoline.
So without further adieu, here are our Top 5 songs to jump to!

5. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
4. Jump (For My Love) by The Pointer Sisters
3. Jumpin’ Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones
2. Song #2 (Woo-hoo!) by Blur
And the #1 song to jump on your trampoline to is …
1. Jump by Van Halen – This is number one because it just makes you want to get up and get active and when Van Halen sings the line “might as well jump”, it just seems like it was made to accompany an Oz Trampoline.  Click here to listen for yourself!
Happy jumping!
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