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Best-selling Oz Trampolines of 2020

Trampolining is great fun for the whole family. As well as a very effective form of exercise that benefits the whole body. It’s not surprising that the trampoline industry has exploded in recent years. But with so many options, it’s become difficult to choose the right one.

If you’re looking for safety, quality & performance, take a look at the wide range of Oz Trampolines. To help you make the right choice, here are the best-selling Oz trampolines of 2020.

1. SUMMIT OVAL / RECTANGLE – our best-seller

Traditional above ground rectangle trampolines suffer from poor all-over bounce due to their inefficient spring setup. After years of research and development, Oz Trampolines discovered that evenly spaced springs, closer to the centre of the mat, created a higher and more constant bouncing trampoline.
The 8ft x 12ft model is the most popular size, which provides teenagers a large enough jumping surface to make for a fun experience.

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Our Capital in ground trampolines are gaining in popularity amongst users looking for improved safety, and a more attractive part of their backyard landscape.

The 10ft x 14ft rectangular design, our most popular, is installed at ground level. It blends in with the surroundings and is a real eye-catcher, both in a home garden and in public sports areas. This type of trampoline does not need a safety net, although one can always be added later.


Our Capital in ground trampolines boast 22cm German steel springs that guarantee excellent bounce, maximum safety and are exceptionally quiet.
Experienced jumpers, and even athletes, will love this model, since its larger dimensions provide enough space for performing acrobatic feats.

However, this does not mean this model is unsuitable for other users. With its easy access, families with small children and people with disabilities can also enjoy it. It’s suitable for rehabilitation therapy too.

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In home gardens, round trampolines are still the most common ones. The 10ft version is the most popular of the Summit round trampolines. This version has a large enough jumping area, and fits into almost any garden without taking up too much space.
Oz Trampolines round trampolines are built with extra tough frames, pads and safety nets, ensuring they will last in the harsh Australian climate. This also ensures maximum safety now, and for years to come.
Features include
>safe jumping,
>The best bounce
>minimal impact on the body and
>a long lifespan of the trampoline.

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Oz trampolines are extremely easy to assemble, requiring no tools or professional help.

Oz trampolines are considered high-quality and affordable, and it should come as no surprise that they are especially loved by families, since children can have an unforgettable time with unlimited amounts of fun on this trampoline.

The key to buying a good trampoline is choosing a reputable manufacturer who uses high-quality and well-tested materials. You will get all this and more when you choose an Oz Trampoline, which are manufactured according to all the related standards and thoroughly tested before they reach the market.

Our trampolines cater to the needs and desires of a wide range of users, and we are sure you’ll find one that’s perfect for you and your family.

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