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Benefits of Outdoor Play

Remember those days as a child playing outside until it was dark? Hours spent riding bikes, building cubbies, making mudpies or jumping on the trampoline? If you were anything like us; being outside doing those things made up some of the best childhood memories.
Unfortunately, our kids are spending more time indoors rather than out and may not create those same memories. At Oz Trampolines we believe in making new memories and encourage kids to play outside. This blog covers some of the benefits for outdoor play.

Benefits of Outdoor Play
Outdoor play allows children to develop physical and creative skills and importantly allows them to exercise and keep fit. With childhood obesity and the rise of digital, outside play is becoming more important than ever before.
Why outdoor play is important for kids:

  • Opportunities for creative and imaginative play
  • Great for mental health and positive mind set
  • Natural source of Vitamin D
  • Interaction with nature and living things
  • Encourages social interaction with peers and family

Some Ideas to try for outdoor play:

  • Jump and play games on your trampoline!!!
  • Go on a nature walk and encourage your children to explore.
  • Plant a vegie garden
  • Ride bikes
  • Go on a treasure hunt
  • Head to the local park to join other members of the community

The outdoors is a place where children can run freely, play creatively and most importantly have fun. At Oz Trampolines we encourage children to get outdoors, get some exercise and be active.
To learn more about getting your child enjoying outdoor play with an Oz Trampoline head to www.oztrampolines.com.au

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