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Benefits of our new In Ground Trampolines

Placing a trampoline in the ground is a big investment for families and choosing the right trampoline will give you many years worry free family fun. With a few different models on the market we take a look at our new model and the advantages it has for you.

  • It is a custom designed true in ground trampoline

Our In Ground Trampolines are just that designed to be placed in the ground. Placing a traditional trampoline into the ground in not recommended unless you spend a large amount of money on the pit to ensure it will last, even then it is not an ideal solution with purpose built in ground trampolines available

 Trampolines sitting in the bottom of the pit can perish quickly (pictured Left)

Our specifically designed trampolines sit on a ledge with a retaining wall attached to the frame. Pictured right)


  • Cost Factor

When looking at an in ground trampoline it is important to weigh up the entire cost of the project and not just the cost of the trampoline. How much will it cost to dig the pit, reinforce it and ensure the holes drainage is sufficient?
With traditional in grounds retaining walls are needed adding a large cost to the project as well as ensuring the frame is not sitting in any water as they sit on the bottom of the pit. Depending on your soil it can be a very expensive to have your pits drainage at the level required.
The advantage of our In Ground trampolines is that the retaining walls are attached to the frame and are included in the price so once placed in the ground the soil can be placed up against the frame and no cave ins will occur. These retaining walls are built of a high grade recycled plastic and very safe compared to some companies that use corrugated iron as an edging.
The second advantage is that the frame sits on a ledge 30 cms from the top of the pit with the middle of the pit then being scooped out. This ensures the frame is not sitting in any water and your drainage solution does not have to be as expensive, in most cases a soak away will suffice.

Traditional trampolines are costly to prepare the pit (picture left) compared to the new style in ground trampolines (picture right)


  • Shape – round or rectangular

Tradition is rectangular but we are going against tradition and producing a round In Ground Trampoline. The reasons are that round trampolines are more popular in above ground models because of the bounce factor and also the area of jumping space.
In a round trampoline when you jump in the middle all the springs will work evenly while on a rectangular trampoline the springs closest to the middle of the trampoline will work harder than the ones furthest away. Round trampolines will give you a more even bounce. We understand that sometimes trampolines are chosen due to yard size but when you have the choice you will need a lot bigger rectangular trampoline to give you the same jumping space.
When looking at the area that a jumping mat has and comparing the 2 sizes a round trampoline has a lot more. If we look at an 8×12 trampoline it will have a jumping area of aprox 6.8 sq mts. A 10ft round trampoline has 7.06sq mts and a 12ft round trampoline has 8.55sq mts of jumping area.
So a round trampoline, if you have the yard size will give you the most jumping space for the area.


A Round Trampoline has more jumping space on it than rectangular shaped trampolines. (pictured above)


  • Digging the hole

As we spoke about in the Cost Factor – digging the hole requires less dirt to be carted away due to our ledge system and in having not to reinforce the walls. Also not having to ensure your pit free is totally free of water means if you use machinery you can install the trampoline within a few hours as opposed to several days for the traditional style

  • Safety Pads and noise

When you place a trampoline in the ground a lot of air can be trapped in the pit and when you jump on the trampoline the pads will produce a loud slapping noise, which can become very annoying. Our in ground trampolines have specially designed vented pads to avoid any noise be made. We have even seen some companies install the trampoline slightly above the ground to prevent this noise but that seems to be a work around instead of a solution customers would be happy with.

With vented pads the trampoline can be flush to the ground (pictured left) Unlike other models that need to be off the ground to reduce noise when jumping (pictured right)

These are just some of the benefits of installing one of our In Ground Trampolines that our design has over others that have been on the market previously. If you have any further questions regarding this product please call us on 1300 39 004

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