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Are Trampolines Safe? Oz Trampolines are Increasing Safety Through Research and Testing.

There is a lot of debate regarding trampoline safety. Are trampolines safe? One school of thought is that trampolines are not safe, however others argue that trampolines are safer than they have ever been.

Many of the statistics relating to trampoline injuries are outdated and relate to trampolines which have not been used following recommended trampoline safety guidelines such as ensuring netting and safety pads are featured on the trampoline frame.
If safety measures are adhered to, trampoline safety is greatly increased. More children sustain injuries from activities such as bike riding than trampolining, as shown in a study conducted by the AAOS.
Trampolining is an outdoor sporting activity with many health benefits such as improving circulation, building muscle strength and balance and coordination, but just like bike riding or skateboarding and other outdoor activities safety guidelines should be followed.
The great thing about owning a trampoline is you can enjoy it in your own yard. To ensure your safety it is important to buy a quality trampoline featuring parts such as a strong mat, because poorly made trampoline parts may break, putting yourself or your children at risk of injury.
This is why Oz Trampolines endeavour to make our products the safest on the market through research and testing.

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