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Are trampoline parks safe? What you should know

Are trampoline parks safe? Should I let my kids go to trampoline parks? Is it safe for my kids to jump on trampolines?

When you are looking for the best trampoline parks in Australia, These are all questions and thoughts that you as a parent might be having about trampoline parks and whether or not to take your children to one. It is an understandable concern since, after all, no one wants children to be deliberately put in harm’s way.

And as they say, a pound of prevention is better than an ounce of care.

So, with that said, are trampoline parks safe? The answer is a bit of a yes and no situation.

It is true that a lot of injuries and accidents occur in trampoline parks and here we shall examine some of the reasons why they happen:

1.   Collisions

Trampoline parks are crowded spaces and often times there are many children jumping on one trampoline. One of the most common causes of injury is collisions between children and striking into one another. This often causes heads to bang together which can cause immense pain or headache or even result in some broken noses. This type of colliding can also impact proper landing and cause the children to fall out of the trampoline and onto the hard floor thereby causing injury.

2.   Incorrect Landings

A trampoline park is a place filled with excitement and energy and adrenaline for young children. It can overwhelm their senses and cause them to make mistakes. One of the most common mistakes for children using trampolines is not checking their jumps and where they are landing.

They may thus misjudge a jump and land on hard floor which might cause their legs to break or worse. This might also be caused by attempting to do flips or other stunts due to the excitement and overextending their muscles and tearing them.

3.   Falls

There is another more common reason for trampoline park injuries. Children fall on the hard ground or surfaces or fall onto the frame and springs of the trampoline. This can cause serious injuries since the ground or frame are hard materials and children bones are already less strong than an adults. This can cause painful breaks.

These are all very serious and painful conditions or possible accidents but the thing to notice here is that they result from negligence and improper use. A trampoline ergo a trampoline park is a sporting facility, just like any other, it may be more casual friendly but it requires a certain training or safety precautions as any other.

Accidents occur in many other sporting events and activities but that does not mean parents stop their children from pursuing those. Rather it is best if one keeps in mind certain tips and prerequisite steps before going to a trampoline park.

boy jumping at a trampoline park

Safe Introductions

The best way to prepare your children for trampoline parks is to introduce them to them in a safe and controlled space. This will ensure they can get used to a trampoline and get to know the ins and outs under your careful supervision and without the distraction of other children.

This can be best done through backyard 10ft trampolines which are easily available; alternatively you can sign up your children to trampoline classes. All this will ensure your children learn proper trampoline safety, maneuvers and what to watch out for like where they are jumping or landing as well as proper body control.

Keep Your Eyes Open

When at trampoline parks, look around and see which trampolines are free or have less occupants. Let your children use those and avoid those which have a lot of occupants. This is because no amount of training can help your child prevent a wayward collision. If there is a particularly attractive trampoline then come at low rush times or politely ask the supervisor to limit entry to a certain number.

Ban Tricks

With the popularity of social media and the convenience of smartphones, it means that children can easily look up stuff on the internet and get influenced. Explain to your children in no uncertain terms that they are never to attempt risky maneuvers like backflips or jumps from high places or similar stunts due to the injuries they can cause.

Children are reluctant to listen sometimes so if need be, show them videos of trampoline stunts gone wrong which will give them the proper reality shock and instill the importance of level headedness and safety.


Look at the parts of the trampoline like the frame and springs and metallic parts for whether they are safely covered and protected or not. Colliding or falling onto them can cause serious injuries, so avoid those which have inadequate protection or are left bare. This also applies to trampoline parks as a whole, inspect and check for reviews online to see which parks are prime for their safety and regulations.

Trampoline Park regulations are still in the process of being properly formulated and are laxly implemented. Couple this with trampoline parks springing up everywhere and it becomes necessary to check for safety and quality.


We see that inherently trampoline parks aren’t more or less dangerous than any other physical activity or sport. All it needs is for your children to have been instilled with the right attitudes and mindsets regarding safety, vigilance and keeping their heads on their shoulders at all times.

If however you are still concerned then you need not worry, home trampolines can provide all the fun that your children may want with safety and supervision. The trip to the trampoline park will grow boring after the fourth and fifth time anyway. If you are thus looking for trampolines for sale then give a visit to OZ Trampolines. We deal in all kinds of trampolines and the latest safest models for your children. There is currently a huge sale going on so make the best of it and bring a trampoline home today for lots of outdoor fun!

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