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Trampoline Pads - 3 Years Old

Always check the details before purchasing trampoline parts.

We get an enormous amount of comments from our customers on the quality of the trampolines and the parts we sell.  We spend a large part of our day researching trampoline parts and also the materials that would be suitable that will last in the Oz outdoors.
Trampoline pads are one such area that we have gone past the norm in producing a trampoline pad that will be made to last and why it is important to check the finer details of any ad first before purchasing.

Any item that will be outdoors in the weather 24/7 will deteriorate over time but using the wrong material will hasten this.
Below is a picture that would be common to many readers trampoline pads that are falling apart.  The reason they are falling apart is that the material used is  called a PE material which is similar to a tarpaulin material and if you have ever left a tarp outside for a few months you know they will not last.
Cheap trampoline padsWhen you see a trampoline at very cheap prices it will most often have this material and come with a 3 month warranty (why bother) so the hope is that you buy the cheap trampoline and in 6 months time you are back buying the parts again from the company that sold you the trampoline in the first place.
Thus starting a cycle of every 12-18 months you are purchasing trampoline pads and nets from the same company.
It is similar to buying a cheap printer and then having to pay more for the ink when it runs out than what you paid for the printer.

How To Spot Cheap Trampoline Pads

Trampoline companies have started to progress and have moved into a PVC material the top side of their pads but then place the cheaper PE material on the bottom side. Although the PE material it doesn’t get the sun on them still fall apart due to the constant dampness that occurs underneath the pads as the material will seep water into them.
cheap trampoline pad material
The material on top while an improvement is still not the best PVC material you can use.  You can tell the pads that use a lower grade PVC material as it has a checker pattern on it like the picture here.
If you look closer at the pictures in the ads selling trampolines or trampoline pads you can see the checks on the pads.
Yes it will last longer than the PE material but over the course of 1-2 years they will start to fall apart.
When we started Oz Trampolines we first developed our motto: Trampoline Parts made to last in the harsh Oz Climate.
With this in mind we developed trampoline parts that are stronger than have been developed before.  Our Trampoline pads for instance we use a PVC material that is 3 times the strength of the PVC others use.
To give you an example of this here is a picture of a set of pads that are 3 years old. Trampoline Pads - 3 Years Old
The blue has started to fade slightly but the material itself is as strong as the day they were taken out of the box.  We expect these to last a good 6-7 years even longer if you wipe the pads down monthly taking care to ensure all dirt is removed from the seams.
Oz Trampolines Trampoline Cleaner is ideal for this.
So why most companies have been forced to increase the quality of their trampoline pads to a PVC material, why do they insist to use the PE or tarpaulin material on the trampoline net sleeves?

Once again in 12 months time the material would of shredded making the net useless.  This can be easily spotted as the sleeves will be black unlike Oz Trampolines nets that are made from PVC material.
Our aim is to have the longest lasting trampolines available and if you have any questions regarding your trampoline or any of the parts on it please feel free to call any of our friendly and knowledgeable staff on 1300 393 004 .  If we can’t help you we will happily tell you who can.

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