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Accessories For Trampolines

Are you getting all you want from your current trampoline purchase?
Have you ever purchased a TV and then found out you need to purchase all the cords to plug them in. Well here we are going to discuss the accessories for a trampoline that are available, and provide a comparison to show you the differences.

From a simple search online we found a 16ft Trampoline at a price of $685.
The trampoline only came with frame, springs,mat,pads and safety net. NOTHING ELSE.

Trampoline Accessories

Trampoline Ladder

A ladder is a vital part of your trampoline, it provides a safe and easy way for the kids to get on and off the trampoline. Gone are the days of a milk crate or a dodgy looking outdoor chair.

Trampoline Anchor Kits

You have invested in a trampoline, now you need to look after it. Anchor kits should be compulsory in a trampoline purchase, as these provide extra protection and keep the trampoline grounded in bad weather conditions.

Pocket Surround

Also known as a “trampoline skirt” it is a form of netting that goes around the base of the trampoline, one a couple of pockets provide a place for shoes or a few toys, and two it stops young children or your pets from going underneath the trampoline whilst other people are jumping on it.

Weather Cover

A weather cover is a great idea. It provides extra protection for your trampoline mat and pads in the times when your not using the trampoline for extended periods. You may be off on holidays for a few weeks or if the trampoline is simply not being used for a while.
Now in the above example, lets examine costs of buying a trampoline without some necessary trampoline accessories.
16ft Trampoline: $685
Oz Trampolines sell all the above accessories, so lets add these costs on.

  • Ladder: $45
  • Anchor Kit: $29
  • Pocket Surround: $35
  • Weather Cover: $35

So as you can see a total cost could come to $829.00
Now here is the difference Oz Trampolines provide all the above trampoline accessories with our trampolines, they are included.
These are not add ons like the cables for the TV you may have just purchased.
More amazingly is the price. We will discuss the difference in quality of trampoline parts in coming stories, but the total price for an Oz Trampolines 16ft Trampoline with Accessories is only $645.00
WOW…..there is a saving of $184.
In our next story we will be talking about other aspects of a trampoline purchase you need to think of and take into account when making your decision. These will be things like weight capacity, warranty and a whole lot more.

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