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9 fun trampoline activities

A high-quality trampoline is all it takes for your garden or courtyard to become the most popular place in your neighborhood. Children of all ages as well as their parents have always liked the jumping and long hours of fun that trampolines offer.

If you’re looking for the perfect guide for trampoline fun, look no further.

1. Various trampoline jumps

Various trampoline jumps are all the fun and action some people are looking for. You too can try everything, from basic jumps to tuck jumps, straddle jumps, 180° or 360° jump turns, seat drops, backdrop jumps, and many more. If you already have some experience on the trampoline, try something more challenging.

2. Trampoline running

Sure, trampolines are meant for jumping, but running on them can be fun, too. If you’ve never tried it before, now is the time. You can try running in place or alongside the edge of the trampoline – either way, it’ll tire you out.

3. Dance party

Add your favorite music to your basic jumps and your trampoline will become a dance floor. You can do attractive jumps and hand movements to the rhythm of the music, and if you want it to be even more fun, invite your friends and family to join you. All you need is a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, and your trampoline dance party can begin.

4. Water balloons

Water balloons are a very popular means to cool off in the hot summer months, and they can be a lot of fun on the trampoline, too. Put on your swimsuit, invite a friend and a water balloon battle can begin. In this game, avoid your friend’s water balloons by doing various jumps, then it’s your turn to hit your friend while they try to jump away from you!

5. Action sports fun

Practice your action sports moves with a bounce board or super fun trampoline scooter

6. Memory

Sit on the edge of the trampoline with your friends. The first person goes to the middle of the trampoline and does whichever jump they choose. Whoever is up next repeats the first jump and adds their own jump. Continue repeating the jumps and adding more until everyone’s had their turn. The person who makes a mistake is out of the game. The game continues until only one victorious jumper remains.

7. Yoga

Yes, you’ve read that correctly – you can even do yoga on your trampoline. Why not give your favorite yoga moves ago on a soft and stretchy surface? You probably won’t manage to do all the moves, but you’ll surely have fun trying while also testing your balance and strength.

8. Jump’n’grab

This fun game utilizes the trampoline’s frame. Attach colorful ribbons to the frame or stretch them out from one side of the trampoline to the other. Your job is to try to grab as many of the ribbons as you can while jumping. Different colors can bring different amounts of points – add all your points to see how well you did.

9. Basketball

A basketball hoop in your garden can also be a prop for your trampoline. Place the hoop right next to the trampoline and test your basketball skills while jumping. If you don’t have a basketball hoop, use your imagination and put a different target on the frame for you to hit.

No matter how much fun a trampoline brings, safety should always come first. To avoid unnecessary injuries, don’t overestimate your skills. Adapt the jumps, games, and challenges to your experience and skill level, so you can enjoy jumping and have carefree fun on your trampoline.

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