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8 Trampolining World Records


If you think trampolining is just a form of fun exercise, think again, because a six metre bounce is a real thing. Like all other cool sports out there, trampolining has also become a form of healthy competition.

People have set numerous records in trampoline jumping, and because they involve soaring through the air and falling into a soft platform only to soar all over again, we believe it’s time we talk about them! Let’s have a look at some of these remarkable trampolining records.

Highest trampoline bounce

In April 2014 at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, 26 year old Sean Kennedy and his brothers Eric (20) and TJ (22) broke their own previous record of the highest team trampoline bounce ever, reaching 6.7 metres high.

It was raining on the day, which isn’t the best weather for trying to bounce high on a trampoline. This is because the water adds more weight, making it harder to aim for a high jump.

To achieve the record breaking jump, Sean bounced flat on his stomach, as it gives him a better platform for landing and stability, making it safer as if he lands standing he could break some bones. He also needed to make sure that his body was tight and firm when hitting the trampoline so as to bounce higher.

Eric and TJ worked as the ‘propellers’, providing all the power Sean needed to bounce higher. They did this by jumping hard and consistently next to wherever Sean landed.

The Kennedy brothers, originally from Holland in Massachusetts, are a part of a group called Flippen Out, and they perform all over the world at sporting events.

Most jumps on a trampoline grabbing a bar

At the beginning of 2014, Paul Starosciak from Detroit, Michigan, broke the record for most consecutive jumps on a trampoline grabbing a bar.

Starosciak started by jumping high until he grabbed the bar for the first time. From there, he would let himself fall to the trampoline, being sure to always land flat on his back so as to make the impact smoother. He would then bounce as high as five metres, where the bar was located, and grab it again for no less than 2 seconds. In addition, he needed to hold on to the bar with both his hands and feet.

He finally broke the previous record set, which were 11 consecutive jumps, by bouncing a total of 39 times. Starosciak even managed to keep going even after he hit his head on the bar during one of his attempts to grab it, and encouraged the crowd to keep cheering for him.

Highest hole jumped through using a trampoline

On the 12th of March 2012, on the set of Italian show Lo show dei Record, Charles Burrows from the UK broke the record of the highest hole jumped through using a tumbling trampoline. The hole was two metres high.

Burrows started the ordeal by performing a series of front and back slips while running towards the trampoline to gain power. He then bounced and passed through the hole without touching its outside. The measurements of the whole were 80 x 80 centimetres.

The other participant challenging Burrows, Lukas Steiner from Germany, was only able to jump 1.80 metres. Burrows is a gymnast and currently performs in Cirque du Soleil.

Fastest time to complete 10 backflips on a trampoline

While this isn’t a Guinness World Record, at the beginning of 2013 a young gymnast called Freya from San Jose, California, was able to do 10 consecutive backflips on her trampoline. It’s pretty fascinating to watch as she performs them quite fast, finishing the set of 10 in just under 8.28 seconds.

Most consecutive alternating back and front flips on a trampoline

On May 2015, Ben Hogan from Maitland in NSW filmed this record in his backyard. The video features him bouncing back and forth while doing back and front flips consecutively. He does 102 jumps in total and the video goes for almost two minutes.

Most back handsprings on a trampoline in one minute

Another made-at-home record, Isaac Sullivan from Melbourne completed 41 back handsprings on a trampoline in just one minute. In the video, you can see how Sullivan bounces back doing flips while his hands touch the trampoline consecutively.

Most front drops to back drops on a trampoline

Another fellow Aussie managed to break a trampoline record in his own backyard in Mount Annan, NSW, at the end of 2012. This time, Jordan Lambiris completed 30 front-to-back drops on a trampoline in 30 seconds. He was also timing it all himself and can be seen in the video holding the chronometer in his hands – all while bouncing!

Fastest time to dress in formal attire while jumping on a trampoline

OK guys, this one is hilarious. In April 2012 in Madrid, Spain, Raul Gomez from Otra Movida’s TV Show, managed to undress himself and put on formal attire – all while bouncing on a trampoline.

Gomez was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans when the clock started ticking and he started jumping. First, he took off his t-shirt and put on his formal shirt. Immediately afterwards, he puts on the tie and then begins to take off his jeans. The hardest part happens when he has to put on his formal pants – we’re still unsure how he did that – but he ends up pulling it off in 45.03 seconds.

Whether you like bouncing for amusements or are just a passive spectator while your kids do it, getting a trampoline is a great way to boost energy levels and enjoy good and healthy family fun outside the house. So get ready to break some records of your own!