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Who Remembers these memories from your childhood?

We all have precious memories of our childhoods; hours spent outside riding bikes, jumping for hours on trampolines, and only coming home when it was dark. Those days are gone but it doesn’t stop us from reminiscing, here are some other things that remind us of our childhood.
Water Activities
Living in Australia; most of our childhood memories included water. The hot, long summer days were always made better with the many creative ways we had to help cool down.

*Running through the Sprinklers
There was nothing better than running through a sprinkler on a hot summer day.
At Oz Trampolines we have tried to replicate this favourite childhood memory with our Trampoline Jet Spray; a sprinkler that attaches to your trampoline for a safe yet cool summer trampoline experience.
*Swinging on a tree rope
* Above ground pool
*Slip and slide
The slip and slide was one of our favourites. We have fond memories of our homemade or store bought slip and slides from our childhood. Waiting in line to have your turn sliding down, trying not to get caught on the grass.
Ball sports
Another set of pastimes that brings back happy memories and reminds us of our happy childhoods is all the time spent in our backyards.
*Backyard or beach cricket
Always a favourite on Christmas day, there was nothing better than beating Uncle Barry, at the wicket – even the dog loved to get involved.
*Local Footy
*Totem Tennis
Totem Tennis is an iconic backyard game! The best thing is you could play this alone- perfect for when your siblings would ditch you for the Nintendo.
Playground equipment
As kids we also spent a lot of time at the local park, a tradition that still continues today. Although parks look a little different today and you no longer see all of the iconic playground equipment we had as kids. Some of our favourites included:
*Round about
Unfortunately or maybe fortunately these iconic childhood play equipment is no longer allowed in childhood playgrounds, but boy was it fun. Time spent spinning around until you either felt sick or flew off, there was always lots of laughs and fun to be had.
*Tyre Swings
*Swing sets
*See saws
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These are no longer a regular feature in most playgrounds today. Normally made from metal these were an iconic part of many childhood games.
Outdoor Activities
Lastly, what we all remember about most vividly is just being outside. Whatever the weather, we only come home when it was time for dinner. Here are some of our favourite childhood outdoor activities.
*Riding a BMX
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One of the greatest childhood joys was riding bikes. Long days spent riding with friends, and the best bike of all- the BMX- the perfect one to master all your tricks and wheelies
*Climbing trees
*Rollerskates/ Rollerblades
My beautiful picture
One of the funnier childhood memories was learning to rollerskate or rollerblade. Time spent at roller-rinks; there was nothing more embarrassing then following over.
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Lastly, obviously at Oz Trampolines, those hours spent on trampolines were some of our favourite childhood memories. Lots of time spent perfecting our tricks and laughing with the childhood neighbours. As essential for any Australian backyard. We believe in help creating these memories for your own children with their very own trampolines. Since we were kids they have improved in quality, accessories and safety but they still remain one of the most fun parts of any childhood and the perfect accessory for creating new childhood memories. http://www.oztrampolines.com.au/trampolines.asp
Oz Trampolines: Memories in the Making

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