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8 of the Best Trampoline Games

Bouncing on the trampoline is an ideal, all-seasons activity that helps the kids (and adults!) blow off steam, exude energy, and have a whole lot of fun. There are also many proven health and wellbeing benefits that you can reap from jumping on a trampoline. But there’s so much more to do on a trampoline than simply just bouncing – you can also play games on your trampoline that offer a great form of entertainment and exercise.

Here are 8 of the best trampoline games that you and your kids can play with friends and family. All of these games are safe and provide endless hours of good fun. That being said, we do recommend using a trampoline net around the outside to ensure there are no accidents or injuries.

1. Bullseye Bounce

With this game, players can practice and train their hand-eye coordination as they bounce! Start by drawing a bullseye on the trampoline using chalk. Then add point values to each of the circles, with the bullseye in the centre being the highest number. Grab some wet sponges and try to throw them into the bullseye. The first person to get to the bullseye – or the person that score the most points – wins. It’s not as easy as it would seem when the bounciness of the trampoline is factored in!

2. Bubble Bounce

This game is a clever way to combine the fun of the trampoline with your kids’ love for playing with bubbles. Have one person blow bubbles into the air (or use a bubble machine to do it automatically) while the others jump and try to pop as many as they can. It’s even more fun if you can have bubbles coming from a few different directions, since trampolining is a 360-degree activity. Being able to twist and turn as you jump and pop bubbles is even more fun!

3. Crack The Egg

Here’s a simple game for multiple people that’s both fun and good exercise. One person sits cross-legged in the centre of the trampoline and the others jump around them. If the person’s legs become uncrossed (the “egg cracks”) they lose and someone else becomes the new egg.

Whoever’s in the middle will need good core strength to keep their legs crossed – as we said, it’s great exercise! Just make sure this game is played with adult supervision. It only takes one over-excited jump landing too close to the person in the middle to risk an injury.

4. Jumping Pillow Fight

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pillow fight? For this game, give each person one or two pillows, and then let them loose on one another. They can swing like crazy and hit the other players with pillows while bouncing up and down, and the last person still standing wins. We can promise you this game gets tiring, and fast!

5. The Alphabet Song

This game is particularly good for young children as it helps teach them the alphabet. Draw the letters of the alphabet on the trampoline in chalk and then let each child playing take turns in bouncing on the letters while singing the alphabet song. It’s both good fun, and educational.


6. Snatch The Sock

This is the trampolining version of tag, and it’s better when more people are involved. Each person should place a sock in their back pocket, leaving half of the sock hanging out. Everyone playing should then start bouncing on the trampoline, with the goal of trying to snatch the socks off each of the other players. Once someone has lost their sock, they are out of the game. In addition to being hilariously good fun, this game can get surprisingly competitive, so watch out!

7. Basketball

Did you know that one of the most popular accessories for a trampoline is a basketball kit? Of course, that makes sense when you consider how much fun it is to jump high and land dunks in the hoop. Take turns in shooting at the goal while on the trampoline, and for a bit more of a challenge, allow one of the other players to act as a “blocker” (but don’t have too many people jumping around on the trampoline at once for this game). Players can also try to land hoops from a longer distance if you move the hoop further from the trampoline.

8. Dance Party

Simply put on some music and let everyone enjoy a good boogie on the trampoline. See if everyone can “partner” with someone to create some really cool moves. On hot, sunny days, you can even place a sprinkler underneath the trampoline to cool everyone down!

Try these out, or invent your own

All of these games will keep you and your kids entertained for days. But these aren’t the only games you can play on your trampoline, and you can even invent your own for added fun. Looking for more fun ways to use your trampoline? Check out our trampoline games guide.

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