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7 Things to Consider when Buying a Trampoline

Thinking of buying a trampoline for your home? With some many options out there, it’s essential you know all the facts before making a purchase. Not all trampolines are created equal. Here’s some important questions to consider when choosing which trampoline is right for you and your family.

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1. Who is the manufacturer?

Buying from an Australian owned company means quick delivery, readily available support, easy access to replacement parts and peace of mind.

Quality build

Australian manufactured products should been uniquely designed for the tough Australian conditions and are UV and water treated to ensure longevity in our Australian climate. That means galvanized steel frames, corrosion resistant springs, and weatherproof bounce mats as standard.

Customer service

A good manufacturer provides quality customer service in the form of:

  1. 7 day phone support
  2. Video tutorials
  3. Online help and chat

If you buy from a supplier that doesn’t provide good customer service, you won’t have someone to turn to when you have questions about trampoline care, safety and maintenance.

Speedy delivery

Australian owned and run companies ship their products domestically, meaning no long waits for your trampoline.

2. Are they a trampoline specialist?

Some trampoline manufacturers simply see trampolines as another revenue source. They don’t necessarily have the expertise to manufacture high quality goods and deliver best in class trampolines that are long lasting, fun and safe to use.
That’s why it’s essential to purchase from a supplier that is passionate about trampolines, and can bring focus and experience to the design and build quality.
Oz Trampolines is exclusively dedicated to manufacturing and selling trampolines and trampoline parts. We share a passion for all aspects of our business. This expertise means our trampolines are built with care and confidence that comes with specialisation in our industry.

3. Are replacements parts easily available?

Manufacturers that don’t have a reputable, long standing presence in your region might not be around when it comes time to upgrade or replace parts in your trampoline. At Oz Trampolines we have access to trampoline parts suitable for a range of fit outs, and will continue to provide Australian consumers with the highest quality trampoline replacement parts in the future.

4. How long is the warranty?

You’ll want an effective warranty with your trampoline to protect your purchase. While a well made trampoline should last a long time, there’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes with a guarantee. The frame itself should come with somewhere between 5-10 years of warranty, while parts like safety pads and netting around 2 years.
Trampolines that don’t come with a warranty or have a complicated claims process should be avoided. You can use website resources like ProductReviews.com.au to see if others have had positive experiences with your supplier.

5. Do you have enough space for a trampoline?

There’s no getting around it, to make the most of your trampoline you’re going to need a bit of space in the yard. Fortunately, you don’t need an entire paddock. Trampolines come in a range of sizes suitable to many different lifestyles. Here’s what you’ll absolutely need for trampoline fun:

  • A flat, even surface to place your trampoline
  • No nearby hazards like fencing, tools, walls, pools etc.
  • A minimum of half a meter of clearance around the outside of the trampoline
  • Where possible, a soft, impact absorbing surface like a lawn or sand surrounding the area.

6. Are there additional costs for delivery?

Though most trampolines come packed in safe saving boxes, the components are heavy and could incur extra delivery costs. Fortunately, Oz Trampolines offer free delivery around Australia with all trampoline purchases.

7. What do you actually get for your purchase?

Not every trampoline package is the same. The key to a fun trampoline experience is a complete package that includes:

  • Trampoline frame
  • Trampoline mat
  • Safety pads
  • Springs
  • Poles and pole padding
  • Ladder
  • Anchor kits

A complete trampoline package will have everything you need to get bouncing safely right away!

Buy from a name you can trust

A trampoline is a substantial purchase for any home. You want one that will last a long time, be safe to use in most weather conditions and keep the kids happy as they grow older. Buy from a name you can trust. Oz Trampolines’ friendly customer service team is ready to help you choose the best trampoline to suit your needs. Contact us today on 1300 393 004 or sales@oztrampolines.com.au and discover the Oz Trampolines difference.

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