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5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Trampoline

With technology increasingly permeating our lives, there’s a real risk that children are becoming too inactive. While kids love their iPads, Playstations and televisions, these types of sedentary activities are detrimental to their health. So encouraging children to head on outside and play is something that parents should be taking seriously, and what better way to encourage outdoor play than a trampoline? Not only is it a real joy for children to use, but a trampoline is good for children on numerous levels.

1. Trampolining is great exercise

Trampolines offer excellent aerobic exercise, which helps pump blood around the body, strengthens the immune system, and offers solid core strength training (after all, controlling the way you bounce requires strong core muscles). Ten minutes of dedicated bouncing on the trampoline works out at about the same energy expended as a 30-minute run. As an added benefit, the spring systems that comprise trampolines take all the impact out of the exercise, making it far safer on the growing body than most other forms of aerobic exercise out there.

2. It’s an all-weather activity

If the weather isn’t perfect, it can be very difficult (if not impossible) to get the kids outside for some fresh air and exercise. But because a trampoline provides that within a close proximity to the home, and remains safe to use even in the rain, a trampoline can be the ideal solution to kids getting antsy and bored when the weather has turned for the worst.

3. It doesn’t stop being worthwhile as your child ages

So many things that you buy for your children lose value as they age; the swing set that was perfect for them when they were smaller becomes too small. They outgrow clothes, or their tastes simply change as they get older. But none of this applies to trampolines, which is a truly all-ages activity. Indeed, trampolining is an Olympic sport, so if your child is especially keen on their trampoline, they could well take it all the way to gold.
In the meantime, it’s also a great low-impact form of exercise for adults looking to lose weight, people recovering from injuries, and so on. It’s truly one of the most versatile forms of exercise equipment out there.

4. It’s safe

Modern trampolines are designed with far greater safety features than their historical counterparts. With modern trampolines, there’s a net around the edge that helps prevent falls, and the spring system is kept right out of the way of the bouncing area and can be covered in padding so nothing can get caught on it.
Nowadays, trampolines are effortlessly one of the safest forms of exercise you can get. There’s no risk of being hit by balls or equipment, as in conventional sports. Nor are there any road risks, as with bike riding.

5. It can be used as a learning tool

Children learn through play, and a trampoline is an excellent way to make the process of learning fun. Even something as simple as counting challenges can train a child’s mental capabilities as they bounce along. Building more complex games to play while trampolining can have an exponential effect on a child’s mental development. Kids love coming up with tricks and stylish jumps on their trampolines, and will generally be quite excited to show their friends and family the tricks that they create. In addition to teaching your child valuable socialisation skills, you’ll get some peace and quiet when the kids decide they want to play outside rather than in.
Additionally, the adrenaline that a child gets through bouncing up and down, coupled with the sense of physical wellbeing from the exercise, leaves them in an alert, attentive state which makes them more effective and receptive to academic tasks like homework. Try letting your child play on the trampoline before homework time to see the effects.

Trampolines offer inexpensive fun

Once you’ve got a trampoline, you’re looking at years of value from the investment, which make it so much more financially efficient than regularly going out for entertainment. And because it’s so safe to use, your older children can play on the trampoline while you get housework or other tasks done at home. Younger children may require closer supervision.
Oz Trampolines caries the very best range of safe, robust, and lasting trampolines, which your children will absolutely love. Need more information on which trampoline, exactly, is the right one to go with? Contact us today on 1300 393 004 – our friendly team of trampoline experts will be able to answer any of your queries.

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