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3 Favourite Sports to Watch during the Olympics

For sports lovers worldwide, this month marks one of the most exciting times on the calendar as the 2016 Rio Olympics begins!!!
As kids (and maybe even adults too) the Olympics marks a wonderful time spent in front of the TV, dreaming about becoming the next Olympic star!
To help get you in the mood and show our support for the Australian team, we have listed our 3 all-time favourite summer Olympic sports.

Olympics Day 1 - Basketball_32893

  1. Basketball

Basketball has to be one of the greatest Olympic sports of all time. First making its appearance at the Olympics back in 1936, with the women’s event joining in 1976, basketball is one of the must see events on every Olympic program.
Here at Oz Trampolines basketball is one our true favourites; after all there is lots of jumping, bouncing and running, all things that we at Oz trampolines love to do!
Encourage your child to dream big and explore their own future Olympic dreams with our Oz Trampolines Slam Dunk Kits. These basketball kits are the perfect accessory for your budding Olympian.
Olympics Day 9 - Artistic Gymnastics

  1. Gymnastics

One of the oldest sports at the Olympics having first made its debut in 1896, but definitely one of our favourites is Artistic gymnastics.
At Oz Trampolines we are huge fans of gymnastics; not only because of the awesome jumps and tricks these talented athletes perform but also because many of our own customers are gymnasts themselves.
We encourage children who do gymnastics to jump on a trampoline regularly, and a lot of our customers comment that trampoline jumping helps keep them fit and healthy and improves balance, coordination and of course jumps and tricks.
The perfect trampoline for any budding gymnast is always the Oval trampoline. This shape is recommended for future budding gymnasts as it is long and thin, with an amazing evenly distributed bounce and plenty of length for tricks, jumps, flips etc..
We are looking forward to seeing what the Aussie team of gymnasts will get up to this year!!
Olympics Day 11 - Gymnastics - Trampoline

  1. Trampolining

And last but definitely not least, arguably our favourite sport to watch during the Olympics is none other than – Trampolining!
Now we may be a bit biased but trampolining is one of the most fun, and energetic sports to watch during the Olympics.
First introduced at the Sydney 2000 Olympic games, this is relatively new to the Olympic program, but a must watch for all trampoline lovers.
Olympic trampolining includes both men’s and women’s individual events and it’s all about who can jump the highest, do the best tricks and has the best jumping technique.
Get your little future Olympian practicing their jumps and tricks on our extensive range of Oz Trampolines. We stock both round, oval and in ground designs and range from 6ft for little jumpers to 16ft for those more serious about the sport.
We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our favourite sports to watch during this years summer Olympics. We are looking forward to watching the 2016 Rio summer Olympics over the next month and can’t wait to see what our Australian team will do!
Go Aussies!!!!
*images courtesy of the official olympic site https://www.olympic.org/

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