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16 Fun Activities to Do On a Trampoline Other Than Jumping

So you’ve spent some time jumping on your trampoline and you think there’s not much else that can be done with it for the day. That’s where you’re wrong. Trampolines are such a great piece of equipment to have at your home and most people think they’re just for jumping on. Truth is, there are a few other activities that can be had with a trampoline. With so many things that can be done with a trampoline, we’ve created a list of our top 16 favourite activities to do with a trampoline, other than just jumping on it.

1. Add water

If it’s a hot Summer day, you’ll be sure to have a lot of fun on the trampoline with some added water. Position a sprinkler towards the surface of the trampoline, ensure everyone has sunscreen on, then let the fun begin. Just be sure to remain cautious as the trampoline surface may get slippery.

2. Beach ball toss

Have the whole family lay on the trampoline with their heads all in the centre, their bodies pointing outwards. Using an inflatable beach ball, try and keep the ball in the air using your arms and legs. Keep count of how many times you can keep it up in the air before losing control and try and have an all-time high record!

3. Dance party

All you need are some great tunes for this one. Have a dance party on the trampoline and let everyone go wild with their crazy dance moves. Some moves might get trickier thanks to the added bounce.

4. Water balloons

It’s fun enough as it is on a hot day throwing water balloons at friends and family. What’s even more fun is if it’s all done on a trampoline. This adds a little bit more of a challenge to try and get your friends as they may just try and bounce out of the way.

5. Chalk drawings

You can actually draw on a trampoline surface with pavement chalk and it will wash right off. If you don’t want chalk all over your driveway, let the kids go loose with their creativity on the trampoline. They can experiment with drawings and writing and it will easily be washed off when they’re finished.

6. Basketball

You can actually get basketball hoops that attach to your trampoline for even more fun. Basketball kits add a great new dimension to a simple game of basketball and means you’re more likely to want to jump higher and reach that hoop! The spring loaded hoop means you can attempt a dunk and everyone can be safe and have a lot of fun.

7. Hopscotch

You can use chalk to draw up a hopscotch area on your trampoline to add even more height to a classic game. Take it in turns to jump across the hopscotch area and see how high you can get between jumps.

8. Crack the egg

This is a fun game for the whole family. One person will start as the “egg” and be in the middle of the trampoline with their knees to their chest and their arms held around their legs. The other players jump around the “egg” and try and get the person who is the egg to let go of their arms. Everyone then takes it in turns to be the “egg”.

9. Yoga

Yoga can be tricky on a flat surface at the best of times, so by trying to do a yoga workout on a trampoline, you can add a challenge and a bit of fun. You may not get all of the poses done correctly (or at all), but it will add a bit of excitement to your normal yoga routine.

10. Twist and jump

If you’re looking to get a cardio fix and work on your core muscles, then you should definitely try to jump and twist. Jump on your trampoline as normal, but whilst in the air, try and twist to either side. You might only turn 90 degrees or perhaps you try and spin around a full 360 degrees. Either way, you’ll be working on your cardio and working on those core muscles as you try to turn around.

11. Super heroes

This is a great activity for the kids (and adults who like to dress up). Everyone has to dress up as their favourite superhero. You may only have a cape to wear, which is just fine. Act as your favourite superhero whilst on the trampoline. Jumping means it feels like you’re flying just like Supergirl or Iron Man.

12. Play catch

Throwing a ball around the yard is really fun, and doing it on a trampoline is even better. It means you can jump up high for those throws that get a little out of hand and reaching sideways to try and catch the ball is a lot safer and easier when your landing is soft on a trampoline.

13. Add a roof

You can add roofs now to your standard trampoline, which means it’s then a perfect place for little games and activities such as tea parties or other games. Adding a roof also keeps the weather off your trampoline whilst in use and can help to keep the sun’s rays off you and the kids whilst playing.

14. Create a tent

You can also turn your trampoline into a tent. Tents for your trampoline add a variety of different features such as a magical sleepover venue or even a fun way to create a circus setting for fun and games. There are plenty of different styles available, so your trampoline can instantly be transformed.

15. Campout

If you don’t have a tent, you can add one to your trampoline and use it as a camp out area for a crazy sleepover for the kids. It’s secure and will be great in the warmer months and will also be comfortable enough to sleep in for the night.

16. Star gazing

With the roof or tent removed on your trampoline, spend part of the night laying outside and star gazing. Not only is it comfortable, but you can add pillows, blankets, hot chocolate and even a telescope to add to your stargazing experience.

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