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15 Surprising Facts about Trampolines

Did you know the inventor of trampoline rented a kangaroo to market his new product? That’s right!

George Nissen invented the first trampoline in 1936 and ‘hired’ a kangaroo to jump on it with him in the Central Park. This isn’t the only historical fact about trampoline, but there are several other surprising and fun things to read about it too. Let’s look at some of the astonishing facts about trampolines.


having fun on a trampoline

Historical Facts about Trampoline

Below are 15 amazing facts about trampoline which prove that this machine is exciting and popular for all the right reasons.

  1. Did you ever wonder how the largest trampoline in the world was made? Well, the largest trampoline ever is made of several of them connected and merged into one. It is 63,000 square feet in size and it is in Glasgow.
  2. Nissen came up with the name ‘trampoline’ when he was performing in Mexico. It came from the Spanish phrase ‘Campeon de Trampolin’ which means champion of the diving board.
  3. The trampoline inventor once again came to spotlight when he went on the top of a flat pyramid in Egypt and performed his stunts using a trampoline.
  4. The first ever trampoline was made of tire tubes and scrap steel, and was initially built just for training purposes for gymnasts.
  5. Three American brothers Sean, TJ Kennedy and Eric hold world record for a 6.7-meter trampoline bounce.
  6. Speaking of world records, Zach Georgoulas made headlines in 2017 when he completed 7 back-flips in just 7 seconds. In the same year, Geylang Serai made the world record of “375 people on trampolines.”
  7. Trampoline bouncing turned into an Olympic sport in the year 2000, after decades of campaigning by noted athletes.
  8. Interestingly, the American navy used trampolines during World War II to gain physical strength.
  9. Another amazing fact is that even NASA has been training their astronauts for space by using trampolines. According to scientists, a trampoline is highly effective in terms of breathing exercises and for boosting muscle strength.
  • While trampolines are sometimes blamed for thousands of injuries each year, they are still the safest of their sort. Injuries caused by bouncing are usually just involve minor cuts or bruises.
  1. Contrary to common perception, most trampoline injuries do not happen when springs break or when the bounce is too high, but these injuries happen when there are multiple people bouncing on it at the same time.
  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates has a trampoline room in his $127 million mansion, which he says his children use to work off their “excess energy.”
  • While trampolines with springs have more bounce, the ones without them can prevent injuries because they are less likely to snap suddenly.
  1. Trampolines are not just available in one shape, as there also is a rectangular trampoline that you can buy as per your need.
  2. Another lesser known fact about trampolines is that they do not just help you reduce your weight and stay fit, but also improve your motor skills, coordination, strength and your body’s balance.

More Facts Related to Trampolining

In addition to the aforementioned historical facts, there are also some interesting health facts related to trampolining. As mentioned earlier, trampolining improves your motor skills and coordination. It is so much more effective that 10 minutes of trampolining is termed equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise on treadmill. The second most important health benefit of using a trampoline is that it releases stress and anxiety and can hence help in the wellbeing of a person.

Some experts also say that trampoline helps a person especially children develop self-confidence as it involves maintaining a great deal of balance.

Before we conclude this article, let’s have a quick look at what qualities to look for when buying best quality trampolines in Australia.

Which Trampolines to Buy?

Trampolines that are bought for exercising purposes should always be checked for long-term durability and functionality. In this regard, both the spring and cable trampolines are considerable, depending on the use and degree of exercise.

When buying a cable trampoline, always make sure that it has quality cables that are well tightened to the edges so that they don’t break during an exercise.

In case you are making a purchase of the spring trampolines, make sure that these are durable and have the strength to sustain weight and pressure. If you are buying trampolines for children, make sure that they are confined by a net to minimise any injuries.

The shape of the trampolines that you are purchasing also matters, and it depends largely on personal preferences. It is advisable to buy a 10ft round trampoline to make the most of your exercise. Always look for a trampoline that can be secured to the ground, or else you will have to buy anchors separately.

Final Words

Trampolines have a surprising and rich history that is worth taking a look into. They enjoy a lot of importance even today because of its wide use in regular training and running. Trampoline’s usefulness for the purposes of running can be gauged from the fact that these are termed even better than treadmills due to their effectiveness. The above facts are clearly an inspiration to purchase a trampoline in order to discover its full benefits!

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