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Oz Trampolines - 13 Outdoor Games

13 Outdoor Games for Family Fun

Outdoor games are perfect for bringing the whole family together for some fun and time away from technology. There are so many games you can create to play outside, the options are only limited to your imagination. Some are especially suited to play during the warmer months, and involve water and cooling off. Others are suitable for cooler and more overcast days.

Let’s have a look at some fun outdoor games that all involve the classic trampoline.

1. Lawn twister

Lawn twister is just like indoor Twister, but better. All you need to do is paint some coloured circles on your lawn with some spray paint and allow them to dry. You can create a template for your coloured circles by cutting a circle out of a pizza box and reusing it for the rest of your circles. You can either create a spinning board that tells you which parts to go on and which colours (just like the original game), or you can just have someone pull colours and parts out of bags.

2. Giant slip n slide

A giant slip n slide is a great activity for everyone, especially if it’s getting warm outside. If you have a sloping backyard, this will be even better. Lay out a large tarp on your yard and cover it in water. Let the hose continue to water the tarp and take turns in getting a nice run up and slide along the tarp.

3. Toppling tug-of-war

Just like the classic game of tug-of-war,this game has only two players who need to stand elevated, such as on a milk crate. The players have to try and push the other player off their crate. This is a fun game that people will also enjoy watching.

4. Giant jenga

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To play giant jenga, you’re going to need large pieces of wood which you can get from a hardware store. You can colourfully paint the ends to make them look vibrant and fun for the kids. The larger pieces mean that even small hands can play. The larger bricks are easier to use but can create havoc that’s best reserved for the outdoors.

5. Bean bag ladder toss

Bean bag ladder tossis so simple and easy to play. All you need is a ladder and some small bean bags. If you don’t have beanie bags, you can use tennis balls. Simply set up the ladder and add a scoring system to each rung of the ladder. Give the smaller ladder sections a higher score. Then line up and throw your beanie bags through the rungs, counting your scores as you go.

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6. Popcorn drop

Popcorn drop is a fun one, but watch that everyone doesn’t eat the game! Create small cups to be placed over your guests’ shoes. The cups can be fastened using rubber bands so as to allow them to be easily removed and put back on to the next person. Fill the cups with popcorn and have guests from two teams rush to a row of boxes on the other side of the yard. Using their feet only, the guests must tip the popcorn into the boxes. The team with the most popcorn actually making it into the boxes wins.

7. Glow in the dark bowling

Glow in the dark bowling is perfect for when guests stick around for a little longer than expected. If it starts getting dark outside, you needn’t retreat inside too early. Use glow sticks and place them inside water bottles to create glowing bowling pins. Use a soccer ball, basketball, whatever you have on hand to aim at the glowing bowling pin.

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8. Blanket run

If there are small children joining in the game-playing with adults, blanket run is ideal. You just need a few blankets or sleeping bags. Adults will each pull a blanket that has a child team member sitting on it, and race to get to the finish line first. Not only will you gain a decent amount of exercise through friendly competition, but the kids will enjoy holding on and whizzing across the lawn on their blanket or sleeping bag.

9. Sack race

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Both kids and adults will enjoy themselves playing in a sack race. This is also a great way for kids to use up all their party energy and have a lot of laughs along the way. Have your guests stand in potato sacks and line up along your backyard. Everyone then needs to race in the sacks across to the other side of the lawn. You can even decorate the sacks to suit a party theme if you have one.

10. Frisbee toss

A twist on the classic “ring toss” game, in frisbee toss, players will need to throw a frisbee into a box that has a slot cut into it to fit the frisbees. Kids and adults will enjoy mastering the art of frisbee throwing in order to get it into the box.

11. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way for everyone to get involved and to go searching around the yard for items. Simply give each team a list and provide them with a handy scavenger pack, which could include items such as binoculars, magnifying glass, or disposable cameras. Give them a box to collect the items and give them all a time limit in order to get all of the items. Be sure to research the list and make the game challenging but not impossible. This is a great game if you have quite a large yard for your guests to scavenge in.

12. Bottle Catch

Cut the ends off of your old bleach bottles and clean them thoroughly. Decorate them by painting or using bright coloured tape and you’ve got yourself a new game! Use the bottles as catchers and throw balls to the players. The players then need to catch the ball in the bottle. The player who catches it can then throw it for their opponent.

13. Giant quoit toss

To play giant quoit toss, you’ll need some large wooden poles, about 1.5 meters long. You’ll need to peg them into the ground and fit pool noodles over the top (to child proof the wood). Do this all over the backyard. Then with other pool noodles, create a circular shape and secure with duct tape. Then all that needs to be done is the throwing of the giant quoits.

Outdoor games are fantastic for spending time with family and friends. Best of all, you get some exercise in and the kids are off the screen. Oz Trampolines is known for having Australia’s Best Trampolines, voted by our loyal customers. Find out why and contact us today at Oz Trampolines.

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