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13 Essential Tips for Buying a Trampoline

Want to take the hassle out of buying a trampoline? Check out these tips before buying your next trampoline, and you’ll be sure to get value for money with your purchase.

1. Know the company

Knowing who designs and manufactures your trampoline can go a long way to ensuring a quality build that’s suitable for the Australian environment. If your next trampoline purchase isn’t from a company that you know and trust, you might want to think again.

Oz Trampolines is a proudly Australian owned and run company, that means we’re best positioned to understand the conditions unique to our local climate. We design trampolines that can handle the rigours of Australian weather, and offer great warranties with all trampolines so you can buy confidently and enjoy your trampoline for years to come.

2. Buy from a specialist

Forget generic trampoline kits. To ensure you get value for money on a trampoline that is fun, safe and will last, you need to purchase from a specialist Trampoline company. That way, you’re ensuring premium quality, high level expertise and safety with a name you can trust.

3. Make sure they’re passionate about trampolines

The best designs come from people who are passionate about the products they’re designing. Oz Trampolines are dedicated exclusively to the design of fun, safe and high quality trampolines that reflect the unique character of the Aussie backyard.

4. Get free delivery

Make sure your trampoline purchase comes with free delivery. A good trampoline doesn’t exactly come in a small package; they’re heavy, and suitably large. Free delivery means you won’t have to pay the expensive shipping costs that come with a big delivery. Get it delivered quickly, and to your door for free with Oz Trampolines.

5. Look for discounts

The beauty of the internet is the information is right there at your fingertips. Does your purchase come with a discount for buying online? If not, you might want to shop around. Oz Trampolines purchases come with a 5% discount on all online purchases. Combined with free delivery, that’s a significant saving for any purchase.

6. Check out the designs

A trampoline is a major feature in your backyard, so you want a design that’s fun and won’t look faded or out of date after a few years of good use. Look for bright designs without too much fuss, something that will look good, even if you move house. While a trampoline probably isn’t the most stylish part of your backyard, good ones have clean lines and a simple design that will work well anywhere.

7. Read reviews online

Australian websites like ProductReviews.com.au can help you discover the make and model trampoline that’s right for you. Once you’ve purchased, you can help others by leaving a review of your own. Online reviews are a great way to help customers and provide feedback scores to manufactures.

8. Check the warranty

Trampoline warranties are essential for peace of mind. The frame should come with an extended warranty as standard. While most components are easy to replace after a few years of wear and tear, you’ll want your frame to go the distance. If you’re unsure about warranty conditions, contact Oz Trampolines on 1300 393 004 and talk to our friendly customer service staff.

9. Read the blogs

Check manufacturer website for their latest news. Blogs not only show the company is invested in their products, but also help you uncover the latest hints, tips safety information and more. At Oz Trampolines we’re constantly updating our site with handy info about making the most of your trampoline. Read our latest news here.

10. Know the weight capacity

Weight capacity affects how many people can use the trampoline at once. It’s also a sign of the quality of the build and materials. A good trampoline will have a high weight capacity to prevent bending and warping of the trampoline frame. Before purchasing, make sure your trampoline meets the capacity you need, for now and in the future.

11. Look for value added extras

Good trampolines offer value added extra features like music players, games, water sprinklers and roofing. By incorporating these extra features you turn your trampoline into the ultimate outdoor experience. Check out some of our awesome additional features here.

12. Customer service

Unsure about your purchase or just need to talk to someone in the know? Make sure your trampoline supplier offers 7 day customer service to provide all the info you need, when you need it. You can call Oz Trampolines customer support on 1300 393 004. Our friendly customer service staff are ready to take your call.

13. Online support

When you first receive your trampoline you’re going to have to set it up. You’ll also need to provide regular maintenance to keep it clean and occasionally replace a part. To avoid frustration, it’s key that your trampoline comes with the support you need, including:

At Oz Trampolines, we are a dedicated trampoline company that are not only passionate about trampolines, but also have amazing knowledge and expertise on all things trampolines including safety, replacement parts and accessories. Contact us to chat about your new trampoline today.

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