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Our 12ft Trampolines

Our 12ft Trampoline, is a popular large size trampoline. The size of the circular frame is 366cm in diameter and the jumping mat is 330cm and has an impressively high weight capacity of 180kg.  This is one of our most popular trampolines due to its convenient size and the generous surface area of the jumping mat.

It will also last the test of time as it will suit children from 1yr up to teenage years.  While we always recommend that there should only be one child jumping at a time, there is enough room to allow siblings and friends to join in the fun.   It is ideal for larger families or for active kids who love the challenge of trying new tricks and flips.
It’s always worthwhile  measuring your backyard space prior to purchasing a trampoline so that you can work out the best size to suit your family’s needs.  We also recommend an additional 50cm of space around the perimeter of your trampoline to reduce the risk of injuries that may be caused by having it set up too close to a fence, gate, shed, house, trees, cubby or garage.
If you have three or more children that like to play together, a large trampoline would be highly recommended. The 12ft, 14ft or 16ft sizes are ideal. Especially if your children like to jump together or like to practice summersaults, flips and different landing positions.
The 12ft trampoline is available in three different colours: blue, green or pink and we also having matching roofs available and Circus or Princess Tents.  If you are unsure of which size trampoline to buy please feel welcome to call us so that we can help you work out the best size trampoline to suit your family and space available.

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