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10 Videos of Animals on Trampolines

Trampolines make a fantastic addition to every home in Australia, providing you, your family, and your pet with a great way to have fun. Wait, what? Did we just say pet?
We most certainly did! So you thought trampolines were only out there for humans to enjoy, huh? Well these videos will prove you wrong, and quite possibly, will make you want to introduce your pet to the family trampoline ASAP. After all, what’s not to love about a cute animal bouncing on your backyard?

The trampoline dog – Chago

The first video is about a happy boxer and lots of bouncing… Surely we have your attention here!
Chago is the name of this beautiful dog, or how this owner calls him, the world’s most loved boxer. We can see him bouncing for at least 1 minute and 8 seconds in this awesome clip, in which Chago starts by bouncing really high, barking and looking directly to his owner, who’s got the camera.
After a few seconds of bouncing, he suddenly stops. When his owner encourages him to keep going by saying ‘jump’, Chago goes on, as energetic as ever. he can also be seen taking little breaks to sniff the trampoline and try to dig a hole in it. Cuteness everywhere!

Mudd the bulldog

Mudd the bulldog became a little bit of a celebrity with this video. With more than 6 million views, this clip features Mudd bouncing on a trampoline for about a minute and a half.
We’re not sure if Mudd was trained by a gymnast, or what, but oh boy can he do front flips. At the start of the video, we can see a person (probably the owner) patting him and then placing Mudd on the trampoline. Immediately, this happy bulldog starts running around the trampoline while bouncing like a deer on a meadow and doing all sorts of pretty cool tricks, such as side and front flips nonstop, while barking. Serious respects, Mudd!

Sven the cat in action

On this video we can see Sven the cat doing all sorts of funny things on a trampoline. From trying to catch his tail and then being really confused when he realises that somehow it’s not there anymore, to doing it all over again and continuing to try and grab his furry and fluffy tail.
By the end of the clip, we’re lucky enough to appreciate a closeup of Sven’s face, where we can clearly see how he feels about a camera poking around his business… But not to worry, he seems to get over his hostile feelings quickly, and continues to play around his awesome playground in the grass with younger cat-friend, Susi.

Spaz the dog attacks the balloons on the trampoline

We secretly think Spaz the dog must be one of the smartest canines out there and was probably trained by the army! This video starts with Spaz being released from the house into the yard. The first things he sees – heaps of colourful balloons filled with water sitting on the trampoline; his mission – destroy them!
After that, everything develops just like an action movie. Spaz needs to get on the trampoline, no matter what. Because the trampoline is too high and there’s no way that Spaz can jump up, he quickly decides to climb a wooden cubby house. When he reaches the top he finds his first balloon victim, which he bites until it’s destroyed. After that first win, he jumps from the cubby house onto the trampoline with no fear, and starts biting all of the colourful balloons, splashing water all over the place.
After he has destroyed almost all of the balloons, he runs into a little trouble with the last one… nothing that some encouragement from his owner can’t fix, and finally Spaz completes his mission victoriously.

Foxes jumping on a trampoline

Because not everything can revolve around cats and dogs, we decided to feature these two stunning red foxes having fun on a trampoline.
The video starts with the two young foxes friendly-wrestling with each other, until one of them decides it’s time to stop the shenanigans and focus on what really matters: bouncing skills. The eager fox starts bouncing really high and looks like he is having the time of his life, while the other one quietly watches, not entirely sure what’s going on.
Sadly for us, in this video the two little furry friends do not emit any sounds, and the mystery of ‘what does the fox say’ still remains.

Dog helps turtle to bounce

In this video we can see how a schnauzer is trying to help a turtle do some bounces on a trampoline.
As soon as this dog sees the turtle just casually resting on a trampoline, this grey schnauzer can’t help itself and goes right underneath the trampoline, pushing its nose against it just below where the turtle is, making the turtle bounce, and bounce, and bounce again.
At one point we can see the dog getting really excited and eager to see its new pal jumping as high as a turtle can jump, and pushes it until it does a side flip. But our reptile friend does not seem to care, and it just wants to be left alone to chill on the trampoline.

Fox on trampoline

Another red fox is part of our awesome ‘animal on trampolines’ list. This time, we can only see one foxy red friend.
We can see it scratching itself for a while, until it decides its time for some jumping. After bouncing for a bit, the fox switches to something much more appealing: rolling around the trampoline, while scratching itself again, while bouncing again. Then he stops for a bit, only to start doing the same process of rolling-scratching-bouncing all over again.
Even if it hasn’t discovered the main purpose of a trampoline yet, this little fox seems to be having the time of its life.

Elk on trampoline

This family located in Evergreen, Colorado, were sitting down for morning tea looking at their backyard when suddenly they saw an Elk trying to get in their trampoline, you know, just for some Elk-like fun.
We can see the animal poking its nose into the trampoline. When it finally manages to get in, it starts bouncing and bouncing, shaking all the snow accumulated on the trampoline. After a few good bounces, the Elk decides it’s time to get out – and this is when things get tricky – getting on it is actually way easier than getting off. After a few attempts, the animal finally sets itself free, and can be seen running off into the wild with its Elk friend.

Baby goat discovers trampoline

For those of you who haven’t seen baby goats – this is a must-watch. In this clip we can see the cutest black baby goat having tonnes of fun on a trampoline.
The little goat just bounces and bounces non-stop, making all sorts of baby goat-like sounds and it is almost too much to handle. When you start watching the video, you’re not really sure if the goat is really enjoying the bounces or not, but when you see how it jumps onto a wooden platform next to the trampoline and immediately ditches it to go back to bouncing, that just means the little goat knows exactly what fun is all about.
We can also see the baby goat’s mum at the end of the video, underneath the trampoline. She is either making sure her kid is doing all right, or totally jealous of all the fun the little one is having.

Dogs on trampolines – compilation

Dogs are man’s best friend – or so they say. But maybe all they want to do is jump like humans do and forget about the rest. In this last video, we thought we would leave you with an awesome compilation of some of the best videos featuring dogs trying to figure out how to use a trampoline.
The little dachshund loving the trampoline and showing off his jumping skills to its siblings is our personal favourite. Feelings of uncontrollable cuteness are expected. You’re welcome.
We’re sure you want the best for your family, whether that includes humans or animals. And after seeing what our four-legged friends can do on a trampoline, I bet you’re wondering how amazing kids can be on it too and all the fun they could have. Jumping on a trampoline regularly can also bring amazing benefits, mental and physical. And because seeing your kids and pets happy makes you a happier parent, we know this is an opportunity you cannot miss.

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