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10 Reasons Why Adults Should Be Trampolining

We all know how fun trampolines are when you’re a kid. Whether it’s after school or on a lazy weekend, if you had a trampoline in your backyard when you were a kid, you would have had a pretty great childhood. Over the years, we often stop ourselves from jumping on because we’ve become “adults” and those trampolines are “just for kids”. That’s where you’re wrong. There are so many great reasons why it’s a good idea to get on a trampoline when you’ve “grown up”, so here is our list of reasons why they’re not just for the kids. So, get jumping!

1. It’s a great workout

You may already know this, but jumping on a trampoline is a great workout. In fact, it has been studied that 10 minutes jumping on a trampoline is 68% more effective for your cardiovascular system than going for a 30 minute run. You can get a better workout in a smaller time frame, making it a great option for those who are time poor.

2. It’s private

You’re not in a large park where there are plenty of other people, you’re not even in a gym with other gym-goers. The trampoline is in your backyard and in the privacy of your own home, so there’s no need to worry about being judged by anyone. It’s also close enough to get to without making excuses and yet far enough from the clutter and noise of home, so you can still keep an eye on the kids (or even join them).

3. It’s outdoors

Be honest, most of our time is spent in a sedentary lifestyle within the comfortable embrace of the sofa. Whether it’s for work or relaxing at home, a lot of time is spent indoors, either sitting or at a computer. What better way to get some fresh air than by jumping outside on the trampoline. Exercising outside has also been shown to provide better benefits than indoor workouts, such as increased happiness and self-confidence levels.

4. It’s better on your joints

Running or jogging is a great form of exercise, but it’s not for everyone. Some people may find that this kind of cardio exercise is hard on the joints such as ankles and knees, causing discomfort and sometimes injury. Trampolining is a great form of cardio as it absorbs the majority of the impact as you bounce. Not only are you getting a great workout, but your body will be thanking you for it in the long run.

5. It’s great for your lymphatic system

It’s been known that rebounding can lead to an increase in your lymph fluid circulation, which can lead to a boost to your immune system from greater white blood cell activity. When landing on the trampoline, the lymphatic valves are opened causing them to drain. You will then have improved circulation, which will help to detoxify your whole system.

6. Improved balance

If you want a fun way to improve your balance, you can’t go past trampolining. People who utilise trampolines in their workouts have shown improvement in their balance levels. Not only is it an easy way to improve balance in a safe and stress free environment, especially in the elderly, but it’s incredibly fun!

7. Increased strength

Like with many different types of workouts, trampolining can lead to an increase in your overall strength. Jumping requires the use of many different types of muscles, so you’ll be able to workout muscles not usually used in other types of exercises. You’ll also find increased tone of your muscles and increased blood flow.

8. It’s safe

There are some people out there who believe trampolines are indeed a safety hazard. Maybe they fell off one when they were a child, or perhaps they knew someone that got an arm or leg stuck between the springs. Today, however trampolines are safer than ever. With new technologies and new safety equipment and accessories available, trampolining is one of the safest exercise equipment available. There are enclosures and safety nets, as well as padding and ladders that all help to make them safer. 

9. Better digestion

Some people will say that trampolining only works to making you feel ill or have an upset stomach. This may be the case if you jump on after eating, but the opposite is actually true for trampolining as a work out. Trampolining can give you great health benefits within your digestive system. When bouncing, the contraction and relaxation of your muscles can help to clean out your digestive tract. People suffering from digestion issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome may find that trampolining helps to regulate their internal muscle movement.

10. It’s fun!

Some people find working out a chore. The classes at gyms, equipment used to get a cardio fix and even the upbeat sound of techno music isn’t enough to motivate some people to keep coming back for more. However, working out with the use of a trampoline is something that is still quite compelling to many adults and excites them to keep going back. There is a huge fun aspect to trampolining that can’t be gained with other exercises, which may be enough to motivate some people to get working out more regularly.
So, whether you want to increase your fitness levels, have fun or spend more time with the kids and getting fresh air, trampolining is one of the best ways you can achieve all of these things. You will find an increase to your health and the benefits that come with it, so be sure to get jumping with the whole family next time you want to workout!

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