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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Active Kids

The holiday season is most definitely upon us. One of the things that makes this season so special is getting together with family and friends, eating great food and exchanging gifts. And we thought we should share some brilliant Christmas gift ideas for active outdoorsy kids.

There’s nothing cuter than looking at a child who’s all excited to tear into gifts early on Christmas morning. And seeing their joy multiply when they receive something they absolutely love.

Little ones who are involved in active play and enjoy the outdoors can be especially tricky when it comes to picking the right Christmas gifts for them. To make this easier, we have rounded up some gift ideas for active kids to make this holiday season extra special for them.

girl on trampoline in backyard

1.   Kids’ Tool Box

If you’re looking for gifts for a budding DIYer or a would-be handyman, a toolbox can be a perfect idea. If they’re old enough, you can give them a set of real, kids-safe tools instead of the plastic ones. They will love to work on their handy skills. Any toolbox with an assortment of tools would do such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, drills, nails, tape measure, etc.

2.   Camping Play Set

Kids who get excited at the idea of camping would be thrilled to receive a camping playset that includes a tent and other camping items such as cutlery, fly nets, and more. They can even set up in the backyard and have a party of their own. It’s usually easy to set up and a really good deal for the money as well. It will let the kids enjoy fun sleepovers with their friends too.

3.   Trampoline

Trampolines are one of those few gifts that not only encourage active play but also help them burn off some energy and stay fit. Also, you’ll hardly ever come across a kid who doesn‘t love bouncing on a trampoline. The best part about trampolines is that they are available in a range of sizes and other specifications that are specifically designed for children of various age groups. So, you can never go wrong with this gift. An 8ft round trampoline works well for most ages.

Not all trampolines are made the same and specifically for the Aussie climate so look for the best quality trampoline for sale in our range and you’ll find quite a few options. Then, set them up in the house and let your bouncing little ones to jump their heart’s content. This also means that you will no longer find them jumping on the sofas or on the bed!

4.   Binoculars

A nice pair of binoculars is a must-have for kids who love outdoor adventures. These are perfect tools if you want your kids to get hooked onto activities such as bird watching, playing in the woods, treasure hunting, sailing, outdoor sporting, concerts, and more. Some accessories to go with a decent pair could be a carrying pouch, a hand strap, and a cleaning cloth. You will easily be able to find a complete package too.

5.   Magnifying Glass

Do you see a future scientist or a nature explorer in your kids? A magnifying glass is a great gift idea for active kids who enjoy looking at bugs, worms, flowers, and other small details found in nature. If you’re looking to get one, choose the perfect size that’s lightweight and scratch-resistant. It should also be durable enough to throw in an explorer’s bag to take on their outdoor adventures. You can even pair it up with a bug book or a critter carrier for a complete insect lover gift package.

6.   Flower Press

Kids who take an interest in exploring the beauty of flowers and plants will love a flower press. This item usually includes a flower press, brush, glue, double-sided tape, and more. The press can get the kids’ creative juices flowing. They can create their own art and crafts in the form of cute floral bookmarks, cards, trinket boxes, etc. A good option to go with this gift could be watercolour paints, a scrapbook, and seed packets for a variety of flowers.

7.   Headlamp

Most kids are obsessed with flashlights at some point in their lives. Headlamps work better than flashlights. The kids can enjoy them while camping, hiking, fishing, and even chasing bugs.

8.   Walkie talkies

Kids really like walkie talkies. Not only are they a fun way for them to play together but they can be a great way for mom and dad to stay and touch with their little ones while they’re out. They can even be helpful when you’re going camping with a large group occupying several tents and your kids are busy exploring the entire area. Kids also love communicating with their friends through walkie talkies while playing games. The best part is that they are pretty affordable too.

9.   Slingshots

Handmade wooden slingshots are a classic gift that’s loved by kids even today. They make for perfect accessories to carry on a hiking or camping trip to perform slingshot hunting. You can even choose the ones made with felt balls. Just make sure they’re of good quality, light, and are able to shoot tiny rocks for when the kids run out of ammo.

10.   Backpacks

Getting kids their own hiking backpacks is a good way to encourage them to be more responsible about their stuff while hiking or camping. They will be excited to start carrying their own gear and supplies and will look forward to their trips. Choose something comfortable and ergonomically designed so that there is no extra strain on the child’s neck or shoulder and they can easily manage the load. It should also have adjustable straps and should suit their age.


There you have it! This was our list of 10 great Christmas gift ideas for active kids. We hope it helps you find the perfect gift for your gifts. Happy holidays!

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