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10 Best Trampoline Blog Articles

There are a number of amazing articles available online about trampolines, but there’s an even larger number of bad articles that don’t do trampolines justice. So how do you sort out the good from the bad?
We’ve put together this list of our top 10 favourite articles about trampolines, which show just how many cool things you can do with them. Check out the articles below:

Good Home Design: Natural Swimming Pool with Trampoline


Written by an interior design and architecture firm based in Sydney’s North, this post suggests the brilliant idea of combining two of the funnest things you can have in your backyard – a swimming pool and a trampoline.
Here the trampoline has been built into the ground to act as  a springboard for the natural swimming pool. Trampolines are generally made of water resistant materials, so this jumping/diving board will stand up to the elements. Not only is it a match made in heaven before your very eyes, but the article advocates natural pools as chemical-free and ecologically sound alternatives to chlorinated pools.

Fitness for Fun: Kinder Gym Fun 1yr+


This one is from the website of a kids’ fitness company. While you may think of children’s fitness primarily taking place in school, a lot of infants and preschoolers are now taking part in exercise programs. Especially for city-dwellers, there are more kids who are in need of activity and the kind of play that gets the heart racing than you may think.
What’s a fun way to get kids to do some exercise? Bouncing about on the trampoline of course! Fitness For Fun includes trampolining as a fun way to introduce kids aged 1-5 to the sport of gymnastics.

Essential Kids: Big Jump in Trampoline Injuries Despite Safety Measures


Do you remember the kind of trampolines you used to play on as a kid? They certainly weren’t the padded, safety netted affairs they are today. The exposed springs and gaps that are the perfect size for little feet to get stuck in were enough to make you wary about letting the kids near them.
But despite the new nanny trampolines of today’s kids, injuries caused by trampolines are actually on the rise. This article discusses a recent UTS study that found the incidence of children’s hospitalisations following trampolines accidents are higher than they were a few years ago. Researchers say this may be partly because netted enclosures give parents a false sense of security when it comes to their children’s safety on a trampoline, and so the necessary supervision to prevent injuries is not happening.
It’s recommended that a responsible adult always supervises kids when they’re on the trampoline to help reduce the risk of injury.

Babyology: 10 Things All Parents Need to Consider About Trampoline Safety


This is a Buzzfeed style, succinct list of safety tips for parents to apply to their kids while trampolining. Unlike the previous article, there’s no apparent source of research except common sense, and the spurious statistic to add weight to their advice.  Apparently “with the right trampoline and the correct usage, trampoline injuries can be reduced by 90 per cent.”
This article also disagrees with the university study discusses previously that netting could give you a false sense of security when it comes to your kids’ safety on a trampoline. It’s full of common sense, mum-like advice such as “avoid bashing heads” and “don’t double bounce toddlers”.

Paging Fun Mums: Water Balloons + Trampoline = Fun!


Let’s push aside the boring safety advice of the previous post and move on to the fun mums! This site has lots of stimulating activities aimed at kids for parents to try (not like regular mums, but cool mums).
As we’ve established from this list, the combination of water and trampolines is a rollicking good time. This genius mum had the great idea of adding an element of surprise in there for good measure.
It’s simple: just fill up some balloons with water, add them to a trampoline with some bouncing kids, and watch and listen for shrieking hilarity to unfold. Fun Mum Louise says that water balloons burst too easily, so your standard balloons are better as you never know quite when they are going to pop.

Mamamia: The Epic New Fitness Trend That’s So Much Fun, It’s Hard to Believe It’s Actually Exercise


By now you may be thinking that trampolines are just for kids. As an adult, your days of bouncing away the hours without a care in the world are gone. Sorry about that.  But wait! Mamamia has hope for us yet.  In the vast world of off YouTube videos, their fitness editor found a trend called Jumping Fitness sweeping Europe.
Described as “a trampoline revolution” Jumping Fitness launched in the Czech Republic in the year 2001. Apparently as well as being lots of fun, this type of exercise gives you a cardio workout, muscle strength (especially pelvic floor). It will also help with your physical and mental health, and significantly benefit your motor activity, coordination and stability.

Raising Children: Playground Safety – Fun Without Tears

This article provides an overview of how to avoid injuries in children. It gives a no-nonsense idea of how to avoid scrapes, broken wrists, and other common ailments that are common to kid on the playgrounds.


Specifically for kids on trampolines, the article talks about how to ensure your trampolining can be a safe time. It suggests that you should always supervise your children while they are on the trampoline, and to regularly check your trampoline for signs of wear and tear. You should also give your child a bit of a lesson in how to jump safely: in the middle, with shoes off, and avoiding somersaults.

ABC: A Big Bounce On the Backyard Trampoline Helps Treat Cystic Fibrosis


This article talks about how bouncing on the trampoline can act as a form of physical therapy for people with cystic fibrosis. It shows a video of a boy bouncing, and talks about how trampolining is part of his physiotherapy to help manage his disease. Tyson was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was six-weeks old, and bounces on the family trampoline daily to help clear mucus from his lungs.
It also discusses a fundraising campaign by Cystic Fibrosis Victoria called Big Bounce, which promotes the benefits of an active lifestyle and the importance of bouncing on a trampoline for people who have cystic fibrosis.

Oz Trampolines: What to Do With Your Old Trampoline


Not to toot our own horn, but this is an article that we created to help people find new ways to repurpose their old trampoline. There are countless ways that you can take an old trampoline that is no longer used by the family, or that has reached the end of its life, and make it into something amazing and new.
Some examples include:

  • Turn the frame into a vegetable patch edging.
  • Create a hanging daybed as a new seating option.
  • Turn the trampoline mat into a durable shopping bag.

Motherpedia: 5 Fun Ways to Get the Family Moving


This article suggests the top five ways that parents can have an active, good time with their families. The idea is to find something that’s fun, and to find joy in exercise rather than have it feel like a chore.
Of course it’s not surprising that trampolining made the list! Alongside hula hooping, rock climbing and Ultimate Frisbee, trampolining is touted as both a heart and family friendly activity.

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