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Spring Free Trampolines vs Ones With Springs


spring free trampoline

It’s something our customers ask about a lot – and our answer is always the same – if we could build a spring free trampoline that was as safe as our spring trampolines and at a reasonable price, we would!

There are a few different spring free options: some use a bungy band, some use fibreglass rods, and some use leaf springs.

The bands may seem like a more efficient alternative, but you have to remember they can’t be detached from the mat.  Elastic band trampoline components are often damaged by the sun, which makes them brittle and leads to breakage.   When the bands become stretched or break, the entire mat needs to be replaced, not just the springs.

Fibreglass rod components are also subject to sun-related damage. Though they are proven to be longer lasting than elastic bands, the rods may still deteriorate and become unsafe within a few seasons of UV and weather exposure.   Fibreglass also tends splinter as it deteriorates, when these splinters find their way onto the mat, which can then become embedded in little feet.  If these rods snap, they can cause serious injury to both the user and onlookers, or may cause the trampoline to shift unexpectedly and launch the jumper off of the trampoline.

Feedback regarding the bounce on trampolines using rods often suggests that they are difficult to bounce on. The rebound benefits of this trampoline design are much less than when being compared to a traditional spring trampoline because a lot more force is needed to produce a good bounce. It then makes sense that it may be difficult and certainly not as much fun for children to use some trampolines without springs – they just don’t have the body weight to generate a nice high bounce!

Safety is of paramount importance to us here at Oz Trampolines – in the past, parents were concerned with children landing on a trampoline’s springs, which might pinch skin or trap little fingers or toes, or perhaps burn you if they’d been in the sun all day.  This will not occur with an Oz Trampoline – our trampolines are designed with a safety pad that covers the springs and the frame – it is made in one piece, like a fitted sheet, and secures underneath the frame – the pad overlaps onto the mat, so the frame and springs are not exposed whilst children are jumping.  These pads protect jumpers from the metal parts, whereas trampolines without springs don’t have safety features to protect users from the fibreglass rods, elastic bands and leaf springs – they are exposed to children and pets at all times – and considering the leaf springs are traditionally used in heavy truck suspension, one of these breaking could cause a terribly serious injury.

There are definitely pros and cons for both the spring free and spring trampolines. Here at Oz Trampolines we’re proud of the safety features of all our trampolines. We recommend that you thoroughly check your trampoline regularly to ensure it is in tip top condition; if parts look like they might be deteriorating, replace them rather than leave it until it’s too late.  Oh, and it’s far cheaper to replace some springs as opposed to the rods or leaf springs!

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