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Oz Trampoline's Blog

Trampoline Roof


Do you kids love to be outside on their trampoline all day? We often find that children want to be outside jumping all day, despite the weather. So at Oz Trampolines we redeveloped our Oz Trampolines 'Trampoline Roof'. This versatile roof is suitable for most trampoline designs, is an easy to use pop-out design, can be installed in minutes and is available in a range of bright, fun colours. (more…)

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What Trampoline is right for my family?


One of the most popular questions our customers ask us is ‘what trampoline is right for my family?’ Buying a trampoline can be a big investment for your family, so we always encourage our customers to spend the time researching all of the features, benefits and most importantly the quality of trampolines on the market. (more…)

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School Holiday Activity Ideas for the Whole Family

We all love our kids, and we love spending time with them. That being said, the holidays can cause a little bit more stress than we’re used to. When the kids are at school their needs for most of the day are taken care of, but on holidays entertaining the kids is a whole new factor that you need to account for when planning out your days. (more…)

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Tips for Planning Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

Outside of health scares and accidents, for some parents the most stressful part of raising kids is organising birthday parties. It used to be that a birthday party consisted of a few friends, a piñata, a donkey with no tail, and some party hats. Boom. Done. Now, however, kids birthday parties seem to be getting increasingly elaborate and expensive - and they take a lot more time to organise. (more…)

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Trampoline Safety – Why Parental Supervision is Essential

Trampolines continue to rise in popularity, and are a staple item in many Australian backyards. They’re a fun and relatively inexpensive way to get our kids outside and exercising outside of school gym classes and extracurricular activities. Gone, however, are the days when a trampoline surface could be attached to springs, and it would be open for business to the neighbourhood, no matter who came to play. A rise in serious injuries made it plain how unsafe trampolines had become, so trampolines began to evolve. Springs were covered in pads, legs were made sturdier, and even large nets were added to prevent users from bouncing right off the apparatus. All of these changes helped in limiting the number of injuries, but they did not eliminate them completely. (more…)

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The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Kids

Do you remember the days of playing outside when you were a kid? The times when you’d run around, inventing games, riding bikes, and climbing trees until the sun started to set… There was always a feeling of happy exhaustion after this kind of active play. After dinner you’d be straight off to bed, and rise with the sun the next day to do it all again. Nowadays, children are more likely to spend time in front of a tablet or a gaming device than outside with the wind in their hair. Playtime has moved indoors. (more…)

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