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Why You Should Choose an In-Ground Trampoline for Your Child


    Parents like to install garden-based play facilities for their children to encourage them to get outside, do some exercise, and have some fun away from the computer screen. These facilities range from swimming pools, paddle pools, playhouses, swing sets, sand pits, basketball nets, and more. After swimming pools, a trampoline is one of the most popular playthings that children enjoy. After all, what kid doesn’t like to jump and bounce? However, the traditional above-ground trampoline has restrictions, particularly for younger kids like toddlers. They have to climb a ladder and, once they reach the trampoline mat, there is fear of falling down. These concerns are valid when you have very young children, because the above-ground trampoline mat is well above ground level. (more…)

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Trampoline Injuries: How to Avoid Them


The trampoline is something that continues to excite children generations after it was first invented, and many of us can still remember the first time we had our first jump. But for such a fun activity and common backyard device, there’s actually a very serious side to the trampoline. Injuries from trampoline accidents are not only common, but they can also be extremely serious. The Consumer Product Safety Review in the United States reported 110,000 trampoline related injuries in 2006. In more recent years, there is suggested evidence of these numbers falling slightly but this has been attributed to a decrease in trampoline sales (perhaps due mostly to the age of the video game!). Of these injuries, 92% occurred in people between the age of 4 and 24. (more…)

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10 Aussie Gymnasts to Watch


Australia has a history of producing some of the finest athletes in the world, not least of all, gymnasts. In fact, it took England 16 years until they were finally able to beat the Australian gymnast team in the Commonwealth Games this year. Here, we’ve created a list of some of Australia’s biggest and brightest gymnastic stars. (more…)

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Are Innovations in Trampolines going to far?

With today’s world moving so fast and design and innovation the buzz words, it seems that people want to go to extreme lengths to be seen as having the most innovative design of a product. Trampolines are no different and today there are a variety of new trampolines on the market that attempt to replace the spring as a means to bounce. Springs were invented early in the 15th century and over time have done what they were designed to do and today are still used in thousands of applications. (more…)

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75 Fun Ways to Use Your Trampoline


There are so many fun things to do and games to play on a trampoline. Here we’ll run through 75 fun things, exercises and games to enjoy when bouncing or playing on your trampoline! Games General games These games don’t require anything more than a lot of energy and a few people to play. And they’re not just for kids - adults can have just as much fun participating in these games. (more…)

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Benefits of our new In Ground Trampolines


The Benefits of our In ground Trampolines     Placing a trampoline in the ground is a big investment for families and choosing the right trampoline will give you many years worry free family fun. With a few different models on the market we take a look at our new model and the advantages it has for you. (more…)

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