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13 Outdoor Games for Family Fun

Bringing the whole family together to play some outdoor games is not only a lot of fun, but a good opportunity to spend some quality time and get the kids off all the technology for awhile. There are so many games you can create to play outside, the options are limited to your imBringing the whole family together to play some outdoor games is not only a lot of fun, but a good opportunity to spend some quality time and get the kids off all the technology for awhile. There are so many games you can create to play outside, the options are limited to your imagination. Some are especially good to play during the hotter months, and involve a lot of water and cooling off, while others are suitable for those cooler days. Let’s have a look at some fun outdoor games that all involve the classic trampoline! 1. Dunk Bucket With a little bit of time and knowledge on how to work the mechanism for hitting a target and allowing a bucket to tip over, this could be a huge hit amongst all family members. If the weather is really heating up you’ll have no trouble finding volunteers to sit in the dunking seat. 2. Lawn Twister Just like indoor Twister, but outside and better. All you need to do is paint some coloured circles on your lawn with some spray paint and allow them to dry. You can create a template for your coloured circles by cutting a circle out of a pizza box and reusing it for the rest of your circles. You can either create a spinning board that tells you which parts to go on and which colours (just like the original game), or you can just have someone pull colours and parts out of bags. 3. Giant Jenga Buy large pieces of wood from a hardware store and colour in some of the ends to make them bright and look pretty. The larger pieces mean that even small hands can play. The larger bricks are easier to use but can create havoc that’s best reserved for the outdoors. Just be sure to take cover when the bricks all begin to fall! 4. Bean Bag Ladder Toss This is so simple and easy to play. All you need is a ladder and some small bean bags. If you don’t have beanie bags, you can use tennis balls. Simply set up the ladder and add a scoring system to each rung of the ladder. Give the smaller ladder sections a higher score. Then line up and throw your beanie bags through the rungs, counting your scores as you go. 5. Glow in the Dark Bowling This is a great activity for those days when guests arrive and decide to stick around a little longer than expected. If it starts getting dark outside, you needn’t retreat inside too early! Use glow sticks and place them inside water bottles to create glowing bowling pins. Use a soccer ball, basketball, whatever you have on hand to aim at the glowing bowling pin. 6. Blanket Run If there are small children joining in the game-playing with adults, this game is ideal. You just need a few blankets or sleeping bags. Adults will each pull a blanket that has a child team member sitting on it, and race to get to the finish line first. Not only will you gain a decent amount of exercise through friendly competition, but the kids will enjoy holding on and whizzing across the lawn on their blanket or sleeping bag. 7. Giant Slip n Slide This is a great activity for everyone, especially if it’s getting warm outside. If you have a sloping backyard, this will be even better. Lay out a large tarp on your yard and cover it in water. Let the hose continue to water the tarp and take turns in getting a nice run up and slide along the tarp.   8. Popcorn Drop This is a fun one, but watch that everyone doesn’t eat the game! Create small cups to be placed over your guests’ shoes. The cups can be fastened using rubber bands so as to allow them to be easily removed and put back on to the next person. Fill the cups with popcorn and have guests from two teams rush to a row of boxes on the other side of the yard. Using their feet only, the guests must tip the popcorn into the boxes. The team with the most popcorn actually making it into the boxes wins. 9. Toppling Tug-Of-War Just like the classic game of tug-of-war, this game has only two players who need to stand elevated, such as on a milk crate. The players have to try and push the other player off their crate. This is a good, fun game that people will also enjoy watching. 10. Sack Race Both kids and adults will enjoy themselves playing in a sack race. This is also a great way for kids to use up all their party energy and have a lot of laughs along the way. Have your guests stand in potato sacks and line up along your backyard. Everyone then needs to race in the sacks across to the other side of the lawn. You can even decorate the sacks to suit a party theme if you have one. 11. Frisbee Toss A twist on the classic “ring toss” game, players will need to throw a frisbee into a box that has a slot cut into it to fit the frisbees. Kids and adults will enjoy mastering the art of frisbee throwing in order to get it into the box. 12. Scavenger Hunt This is a great way for everyone to get involved and to go searching around the yard for items. Simply give each team a list and provide them with a handy scavenger pack, which could include items such as binoculars, magnifying glass, or disposable cameras. Give them a box to collect the items and give them all a time limit in order to get all of the items. Be sure to research the list and make the game challenging but not impossible. This is a great game if you have quite a large yard for your guests to scavenge in. 13. Bottle Catch Cut the ends off of your old bleach bottles and clean them thoroughly. Decorate them by painting or using bright coloured tape and you’ve got yourself a new game! Use the bottles as catchers and throw balls to the players. The players then need to catch the ball in the bottle. The player who catches it can then throw it for their opponent.

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What To Do with Your Old Trampoline

Trampolines are a great source of fun for young and old alike. There’s just something about them that can really make you smile and jump for joy (pun intended). But after years of use, some trampolines begin to lose some of their integrity and can start to become a hazard. And when you buy a brand new one, what is there to do with the old one? It should not be re-sold as it’s not as safe anymore, but it seems to be a waste by taking it to the tip. There are actually quite a few things you can do with an old trampoline to repurpose it and give it new life. Here are our favourite projects you can do with your old trampoline. Greenhouse Yes, you read right. Your old trampoline can be repurposed to become a greenhouse. The frame of your old trampoline may be perfect if it’s in good shape, as it can be used to form the framework of a complete greenhouse. All there is left to do is add on some plastic sheeting and a door frame, and you’re ready to start growing plants in your new greenhouse. Find the full process here. Veggie Garden Again, if your frame of the trampoline is in good condition, then it can definitely be used. If you’re looking for a way to edge a new vegetable garden, the frame can simply be turned upside down and used as a guide to build around and create a new patch. By adding in retainer bricks, you’ll have yourself a stunning new garden. Image source Garden arch Perfect for if you have an oval trampoline, a garden arch can be used with the frame and decorated with willow or a growing vine. This DIY project is as simple as removing the frame of the trampoline from the other parts and cutting it to size to suit your garden. It can be placed in the ground for stability, which would be the easiest way to keep it in place. Chicken coop If you have a small hobby farm, or would like to start one, chickens are probably your first point in creating this for you. Chickens are great animals to have as you can then have fresh eggs (if they are laying hens) and they can provide manure to help with your garden soil and fertilizing needs. To create a chicken coop, it’s easy to use the frame of your trampoline and enclose it with chicken wire. Don’t forget to include a nesting box for them to take shelter in. Image source Rocking hammock If the trampoline is still in relatively good condition, you can use almost all of its parts to create a rocking hammock. All that needs to be done is to cut the frame to size (half size) and lay out the mat over the remaining frame. This is a great idea if there is only a minor issue with the trampoline. Image source Shopping bags Trampoline mat still in good condition? Why not create your own hard-wearing and durable shopping bags? These will be environmentally friendly and of course will be re-usable, so you can take these with you every time you go shopping. Cut the trampoline mat to size and sew it into a bag shape. Add on some handles using leftover materials from other projects, and you have yourself some very handy shopping bags. Garden Feature Art If you want to add something a little different to your garden, you may consider using your old trampoline frame to create some garden art. Your results are really only limited by your imagination, but as you can see from the example below, it can be as simple as using the frame in its entirety and surrounding it with some wooden framing. When the frame begins to rust, it only adds to the rustic appeal of the art. Image source Sun shade If you want to lay in your backyard but the sun is too troublesome, you may want to create a stunning sun shade. By using the frame of your trampoline as a guide, you can then stabilise it to stand freely and add a shade cloth to the top to create a new shade for you. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can add a hammock to really take advantage of the shade you’ve created. Image source Hanging Day Bed This is the ultimate project for your old trampoline. You can really customise this project to look and feel how you want. You can create an indoor version to hang in a spare room and create a reading room to unwind and relax; or you can make the bed to be weatherproof and hang it outside in the shade or sun if you’d like to sunbathe. The options really are endless, and you can decorate it however way you please. Creating a hanging day bed is rather simple and just requires the materials you desire and prefer, depending on whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, and a way to hang it from existing buildings. You can also create a frame specific for the day bed. Add pillows and soft sheeting to escape the daily grind and chill out on your old trampoline that has now become a brand new day bed.

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Muscles You Use Jumping on a Trampoline

A trampoline or rebounder is an excellent device for exercising. With regular use, it provides cardiovascular, general health, and fitness benefits. Unlike many other types of exercise, it can also be enjoyable. A study by the U.S  National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) concluded that trampoline jumping for 10 minutes is 68% more effective for the cardiovascular system than 30 minutes running or jogging. And for most people more enjoyable. (more…)

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Sydney Winter School Holiday Activities

Winter ... cold, rainy and gloomy. You may think there’s nothing for kids to do (other than drive you a little bit crazy inside the house). Well, it turns out there are plenty of really cool activities for kids to do across Sydney throughout winter. And they include everything from adventure-packed days out to more relaxing ideas where the adults can take a break too. (more…)

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Top 15 Health Benefits from Jumping

Technology seems to be the most popular activity for kids these days. They are continuously hooked up to the computer, tablet games, TV consoles, and even smartphones. The thing is, none of these actions involve being outside, breathing fresh air, improving balance, or getting the heart rate going. (more…)

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Workout Playlists for All Ages


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