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Kid Friendly Australia Series: A Guide to Food, Entertainment and Fun in Melbourne


At Oz Trampolines we have one goal in mind; for kids to have the most fun possible in a safe environment. Whether it be a weekend outing or a trip during school holidays we all want to give our little ones the best experiences they can get. We've already covered the best Sydney has to offer, and now it is Melbourne's turn. Often touted as the prime cultural hub of Australia, the Victorian capital is an attractive city for those looking for exciting new adventures. (more…)

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How To Enhance Your Trampoline Experience With The Sound Bounce


Who doesn’t love a good bounce on the trampoline? Whether it’s for exercise or for recreation, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy yourself. There’s just something so freeing about bouncing up and down. It just releases those feel-good endorphins. What better way to enjoy yourself than to combine an already fun activity with some fun beats? (more…)

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Easy Ways to Protect your Oz Trampoline

“As we head into winter, it is important to ensure you take care of your trampoline. Whilst your Oz Trampoline is designed to survive most Australian climates, there are still steps you can take to ensure your trampoline remains in excellent condition throughout the wind, rain and hail of winter. Firstly, make sure to use the weather cover supplied with your trampoline. If you purchased your trampoline for summer you may have forgotten about the cover, so now is the time to start using it! (If you have lost or misplaced your weather cover, they can be found here: (more…)

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Bouncing Through History: How The Trampoline Has Changed Through The Years


While it’s true that the trampoline is a fairly simple structure, it’s gone through a surprising amount of changes since its invention. Just about every piece of a modern trampoline has evolved as time has gone by, in some very surprising ways you may not be aware of. (more…)

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Who Remembers these memories from your childhood?

We all have precious memories of our childhoods; hours spent outside riding bikes, jumping for hours on trampolines, and only coming home when it was dark. Those days are gone but it doesn’t stop us from reminiscing, here are some other things that remind us of our childhood. Water Activities Living in Australia; most of our childhood memories included water. The hot, long summer days were always made better with the many creative ways we had to help cool down. (more…)

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Trampoline Roof


Do you kids love to be outside on their trampoline all day? We often find that children want to be outside jumping all day, despite the weather. So at Oz Trampolines we redeveloped our Oz Trampolines 'Trampoline Roof'. This versatile roof is suitable for most trampoline designs, is an easy to use pop-out design, can be installed in minutes and is available in a range of bright, fun colours. (more…)

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