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Oz Trampoline's Blog

Benefits of Outdoor Play

Remember those days as a child playing outside until it was dark? Hours spent riding bikes, building cubbies, making mudpies or jumping on the trampoline? If you were anything like us; being outside doing those things made up some of the best childhood memories. Unfortunately, our kids are spending more time indoors rather than out and may not create those same memories. At Oz Trampolines we believe in making new memories and encourage kids to play outside. This blog covers some of the benefits for outdoor play. (more…)

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Choosing the right trampoline for Australian weather conditions.

We all know just how tough and harsh our Australian weather conditions can be, whether you live in Victoria and experience 4 seasons in one day, or in the north where the sun can be extremely harsh; Australian weather has it all. The type of climate you live in can also affect your trampoline. This blog covers some key points to consider when choosing a trampoline to ensure it lasts in our tough Australian climate. (more…)

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3 Favourite Sports to Watch during the Olympics

For sports lovers worldwide, this month marks one of the most exciting times on the calendar as the 2016 Rio Olympics begins!!! As kids (and maybe even adults too) the Olympics marks a wonderful time spent in front of the TV, dreaming about becoming the next Olympic star! To help get you in the mood and show our support for the Australian team, we have listed our 3 all-time favourite summer Olympic sports. (more…)

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“You have bought your kids a new trampoline, and they’ve been bouncing for a few weeks. They love the trampoline, but they are starting to want some variety in their trampoline. How can you keep your kids interested? Invite some of their friends over, and try out some of these timeless trampoline games! (more…)

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Kid Friendly Australia Series: A Guide to Food, Entertainment and Fun in Melbourne


At Oz Trampolines we have one goal in mind; for kids to have the most fun possible in a safe environment. Whether it be a weekend outing or a trip during school holidays we all want to give our little ones the best experiences they can get. We've already covered the best Sydney has to offer, and now it is Melbourne's turn. Often touted as the prime cultural hub of Australia, the Victorian capital is an attractive city for those looking for exciting new adventures. (more…)

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How To Enhance Your Trampoline Experience With The Sound Bounce


Who doesn’t love a good bounce on the trampoline? Whether it’s for exercise or for recreation, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy yourself. There’s just something so freeing about bouncing up and down. It just releases those feel-good endorphins. What better way to enjoy yourself than to combine an already fun activity with some fun beats? (more…)

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